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Al Qaeda now owns Libya – James and JoAnne Moriarity

Al Qaeda now owns Libya – James and JoAnne Moriarity
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Late CIA Agent/US Ambassador to Libya, Stevens, was a gun runner for al-Qaeda and during the time leading up to his death he was trying to secure the return of 20,000 MANPAD surface to air missiles from al-Qaeda and affiliated groups. These weapons were transferred to radical Islamist elements in Libya to help the US/NATO overthrow the country. Now according to James and JoAnne Moriarity in an interview with the Voice of Russia, al-Qaeda owns Libya, and the only way to get Libya back is through the tribal peoples of Libya, who do not support the fanatical Islamists. According to the Mr. and Mrs. Moriarity Stevens was killed by Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood who were being funded by the US Embassy in Egypt.

This is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty, they’re whistleblowers on war crimes in Libya and were part of an NGO 100 day fact finding mission during the recent NATO and US bombings of Libya. Due to their work with the tribes of Libya they were elected official spokespeople for the tribal nations of that country. This is Part 1 of a longer interview. You can find the rest of this interview on our website Voiceofrussia.com in the near future.

Robles: Hello, how are you?

James: We’re good. It's good to talk to you again.

Robles: It's a great pleasure speaking with both of you as well. A lot of things are going on. Last time we spoke about the Prime Minister of Libya – Mr. Zeidan. What's going on with him right now?

JoAnne: Ali Zeidan who is the Prime Minister of Libya is a puppet Prime Minister. He came in with el-Megarif, el-Megarif was also a puppet president, he has left Libya now with about $6 billion, last May he ran off.

James: You’ve got to appreciate the fact that al-Qaeda Muslim Brotherhood, Ansar al-Sharia - all these al-Qaeda affiliates own Libya literally.

The US has been trying to push back, they now told the US and all these guys were put in there by the US, the US has been trying to push back to recover the bunch of shoulder-to-air missiles and there is 20,000 of them that were delivered to Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Libya.

There was a bunch that Libya had themselves, those have all disappeared and that's a real problem for the United States because they could be shooting down friendly planes, passenger planes and everything all over the world.

This is common knowledge, the president of Chad, Niger and Algeria they all warned NATO and the US that these weapons were leaving Libya like a sieve and that there was a real danger to the world and they needed to stop it.

Robles: One more time, this is 20,000 shoulder mounted surface-to-air missiles?

James: They are called 'MANPAD' and there are different names but the US rockets have a real unique signature, so everybody in the world would see those and know that those were the US supplied weapons.

They went from the US to Qatar and then to Libya and then the night that Chris Stevens was assassinated.

Robles: I want to get this clear. I'm sorry to interrupt you. So this ended up in the hands of al-Qaeda who was supposed to help overthrow the government in Libya and in Syria or exactly in whose hands are these 20,000 missiles?

JoAnne: They are in the hands of Muslim extremists.

And you have to understand that al-Qaeda, Libyan Islamic Fighting Group Ansar al-Sharia - all of them they are all the same.

They just have these different names to confuse the West but those are the groups that NATO and the US joined hands with to take over Libya and now they are supporting them in Syria.

Chris Stevens was instrumental in sending weapons to them in Syria with the help of Abdelhakim Belhadj.

Belhadj was in Guantanamo, he is a known al-Qaeda operative and the US put him in charge, John McCain right there with him accepting a reward, I have a picture of it, with Belhadj in Tripoli.

That's something that the US did and they were notified that all the weapons that were inside Libya were stolen by al-Qaeda, allowed to be stolen and taken across the borders in the Chad and Niger and all these different places.

Robles: So now we have a massive proliferation of anti-aircraft missiles that could be used against civilian aircraft or any other aircraft creating a huge danger possibly to 20,000 civilian aircrafts, in the worst case scenario, that was caused by the US, it is that what you are telling me?

James: Yes, sir. That's exactly right.

Robles: Unbelievable!

James: This is something that has never come out. We told all the intelligence agencies in the United States this information.

One of the tribal spies, if you would, in Libya was serving dinner to Chris Stevens and the personal representative of the Prime Minister of Turkey the night he was assassinated.

And the discussion in that meeting was: Chris Stevens was demanding that Turkey use its influence to help recover those rockets. And the representative from Turkey said (for all practical purposes): 'No, we are not going to do that'.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty.

Robles: One more time, sir, please if you can regain your thought with the dinner.

James: Chris Stevens had dinner with the personal representative of the Prime Minister of Turkey. That gentleman, it was the first phone call Obama made when became President the first time was to the Prime Minister of Turkey.

They’re cohorts, their Muslim Brotherhood together, and in fact the man in Turkey believed he is going to be the Calipha when the Caliphate comes into play so he is a very powerful radical Islamist.

Robles: So, who is your source again in this conversation?

James: This is from one of the Libyan tribal members, who was the spy inside the organization in Libya – the CIA compound. He was serving dinner to Chris Stevens and this personal representative of the PM of Turkey.

Robles: Is that ok for you to mention him like this, because we've just blown his cover if he still has one.

JoAnne: CIA compound is gone, so that compound was burnt up.

Robles: But the source, he could be found.

JoAnne: He is a tribal member, all Libyans are tribal members.

Robles: Ok, so there were various tribal members, good.

James: And the conversation was - Chris Stevens was demanding that those rockets which he had originally turned over to these radical Islamists be given back because they are now a danger for the United States since al-Qaeda had made the open declaration that they own Libya, they are not taking orders from anybody.

They now have money, they own a country, they are going to do whatever they want worldwide.

And so this representative from Turkey when he finished dinner, he walked out the front door of that compound was taken by car to the military airport, put on the Turkish military aircraft, flown to Turkey.

The minute this plane set down in Turkey one of the attacks started on that compound.

Nobody has mentioned this and we've given it to four US Intelligence Agencies and they all do nothing.

JoAnne: But they know it's true, they have admitted it. Not to us but in other ways...

They know it's true, the Libyans know it's true, a lot of people know it's true.

Robles: One more time – who attacked the compound? Concretely.

JoAnne: Ansar al-Sharia is a radical Islamist Group it's like Muslim Brotherhood, like I said they are all the same. And the leader of that particular night attack was Mohamed Morsi and we have that document given to us by Libyan security.

That document has been read into the Congress of the United States.

Robles: That document is part of the US Congressional Record?

JoAnne: Yes, it is. Mohamed Morsi was the planner, the funder and he was behind the entire attack, it was a well-organized attack.

Robles: The reason to kill Stevens was what? Because he wanted the weapons back?

James: Yes. And they needed this scapegoat, you know.

When Stevens was so nervous about those weapons being after, he was going to be blamed for it anyhow and the Administration had been putting terrible pressure on him and to get those things recovered: he was the guy who was the arms dealer for al-Qaeda and Ansar al-Sharia in the first place. And they said, get them back. And of course he didn't have a chance to get them back.

So he is now going out and pleading that they get them back and this thing was planned a long time. They wouldn't send any more security in.

JoAnne: It's my opinion, if you will, that Barack Obama is working with the Muslim Brotherhood, was working with Mohamed Morsi.

And when you have eyewitnesses to some of the crimes that you've done, it's much easier if those eyewitnesses, those people who took part in them, if they disappear. It's very difficult to prove then what you did.

Robles: It's possible that there was an order from up-high in the US to get rid of Stevens because he knew all the details of all these shady dealings, is it that what you are saying?

JoAnne: Yeah. And you have to understand too, that I think, in my estimation that, and I don't want to say anything that is not true, but at the same time you have to understand that there was a lot of illegal activity, huge amounts of illegal activity that happened in the NATO war against Libya.

And anybody who is a witness, you know, is a danger to the people that committed these crimes so that's why everybody was told to stand down, don't go help Chris Stevens, don't do anything.

Congressman Pete Sessions, who is a Texas Congressmen, he is a Head of the Rules Committee, he had a long discussion with us this last week.

He told us that Hillary Clinton is a person responsible for whether or not help would go to Chris Stevens. He said, as Secretary of State that is her position, that is her job.

James: Obama-inside, but when it is outside the US, that's the Secretary of State’s pervue.

JoAnne: And he said he understand this: he said, that when she was called to Congress she fell and hit her head and she got sick.

He said the same thing happened in the Clinton Administration when they were after Janet Reno for the Waco blow up, she went to the hospital three times with exhaustion instead of going in front of the Senate or the House.

That's in their play book.

Just a reminder, you are listening to an interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty.

Robles: Ok, two possibilities who ordered or organized the killing of Stevens, either it that was these al-Qaeda elements… ? Right?

JoAnne: There is no question that we have the documentation.

James: It was Morsi of Egypt who organized and paid and financed for the assassination and the meetings that were planned and all that that were probably just a set up, so that was well-known, they'd been training for that for some time. And Morsi was the guy behind the whole thing.

Robles: Morsi was behind it, and whose orders now? You said it was possible that Obama.

James: It was Morsi's orders.

JoAnne: I don't know whose orders. I think it was Morsi, it was Morsi himself.

He is the Head of Ansar al-Sharia.

He is very close to Obama, very close.

This is why Obama stepped up and said they didn't want him ousted in Egypt, they want the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in the government of Egypt.

Robles: Is there any indication here that there may have been some fore knowledge by Obama and Clinton that the Ambassador was about to be assassinated there?

James: We don't have any proof of that.

But the proof that Morsi was the guy behind it. It was done in a document delivered to Obama, two or three days after the attack which killed Chris Stevens.

The security office in Libya, so that they would not be blamed for it all, they captured a couple of the assassins, they interrogated them.

They got all this information about Morsi. They wrote a formal report and sent that to Washington DC just the few days after it happened.

And of course Obama was still telling the lie that it was a video that caused all this.

Robles: And they continue to support Morsi in Egypt?

James: Of course.

JoAnne: Absolutely. I'll give you a copy of that document.

Robles: I need that. That's absolutely vital if you can send it to me.

JoAnne: Sure.

James: While we are on the subject, let me tell you how asinine it is that they would blame a video.

First of all there are no movie-theaters in Libya, not any.

Second, YouTube has not been allowed in Libya in 7 years.

So tell me exactly how with no movie theaters, no YouTube that anybody in Libya could have seen that dadgun movie?

Robles: There was no movie, there was a trailer to a supposed movie. But there was actually no real movie. I mean, I did research on that myself, I tried to find that "movie", the so-called movie, there was no "movie". What was it called? The Innocence of Muslims or something?

JoAnne: Yes.

Robles: There was no actual movie, there was a trailer.

James: The trailer could not have been seen. No movie theaters and no YouTube. Tell me, where are they going to see that trailer?

Robles: So the whole thing with that trailer was all a fabricated provocation, right?

JoAnne: Yes. 100%.

James: Wag the dog. Wag the dog!

JoAnne: It was smoke and mirrors!

Robles: That's what a lot of people thought because there was no actual… there was no movie.

James: The asinine part about that is that if you are going to tell a lie at least make something that is not so easily disproven. Where are they going see it? No movie theaters and no YouTube.

Robles: Ok, another big story, big news that you mentioned before we started recording – a law suit held by Egypt. Can you give us the details on that.

JoAnne: Yes, Al-Watan News Agency in Egypt, it's an Egyptian News Agency, has reported that there a number of high ranking attorneys in Egypt that have filed law suits against Obama for Crimes Against Humanity, for supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

And in Egypt, they have arrested the bunch of Muslim Brotherhood that received money from the US Embassy in amounts as high as $850,000.

They have the document, I have a copy of the document which I will give you, with their signatures on it.

They have to go and sign for the money, it has their name and their signature.

This document is… These gentlemen (they are not gentlemen) they are going to be put on trial in Egypt for treason because taking money from a foreign government is treason in Egypt and that carries a death sentence.

So these Egyptian attorneys know these guys are going to be on trial for this and they know they got the money from the Obama Administration. So this is their next step. They are taking Obama to International Criminal Court.

Robles: For attempting to...? They were involved in...?

JoAnne: The Obama Administration gave money to the Muslim Brotherhood through the embassy and the Muslim Brotherhood is a terrorist organization.

James: So, these are Crimes Against Humanity.

The Muslim Brotherhood was paying thugs to go out and beat up people and attack churches and kill Coptic Christians.

All these terrorist activities were in essence financed by the Obama Administration through payments in the US Embassy in Cairo.

Robles: You know, the Muslim Brotherhood was actually begun like al-Qaeda. It was begun in (I think) 1917 by the United Kingdom?

JoAnne: Yeah, MI-5!

James: But you see what happened, when they ended up with all that money from Libya, Libya had over $500 billion in cash, and cash equivalents, lots of gold, silver... All that has disappeared.

This is the rabid dog that has now turned around and is biting the hand that put it there.

These 250,000 radical Islamists that the US put into Libya to take over that country now own the country. They now have the money, they have the oil income, they now own a country.

So they are going back and they told their handlers the United States and France and England: "We don't need you anymore, we want you to stay out of our business because now we own a country. We got income out the wazoo and we are able to do our activities worldwide."

So you will see us again in your countries. And that has been written, there have been several radio broadcast from leaders of al-Qaeda inside Libya and Egypt and other places.

So this is a fact, this is a real threat to the world!

Robles: It sure is. What you are telling me is that now al-Qaeda has their own country? Basically.

JoAnne: Yes sir. The best hope I believe, for getting rid of al-Qaeda in Libya and taking that country away from them is through the Libyan people and tribes of Libya, because there are no Libyans that support them.

That was the end of an interview with James and JoAnne Moriarty. You can find Part 2 on our website Voiceofrussia.com in the very near future.

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