9 November 2013, 15:26

Libya: from bad to worse

Libya: from bad to worse

Two years after the revolution that ousted Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is close to becoming what is called ‘a failed state’. Who is responsible for this, and are there ways to put things right?

The Libyan government governs its country in name only. It can't pay for vital food imports as its armed opponents continue to block the export of oil, which accounts for most of Libya's revenue. A chaotic civil war involving a variety of rival armed groups has also undercut the production of oil, which is now at one tenth of what it was in the Gaddafi era. A massive humanitarian catastrophe involving all of Libya's 6mln or so people is just around the corner, because the country's capacity to produce food at home is very limited. The government's efforts to restore normality by integrating the rival armed groups into the national security forces have produced no result so far.

Speaking to The Voice of Russia Friday, Russian Arabist Professor Anatoli Yegorin put the blame for this tragic situation squarely on the West:

"Western powers pushed through a Security Council resolution which allowed them to take military action against Muammar Gaddafi, ostensibly to protect the Libyan people from the ravages of his regime. Their air forces carried out about 30,000 bombing raids, leaving 11 Libyan cities in ruins. The West subsequently promised to disburse $10bln to rebuild these cities, but has so far failed to deliver on its promise. It must take urgent measures to help Libya if it is serious about restoring peace to that North African country."

Co-chairperson of the Russian Committee of Solidarity with the Peoples of Libya and Syria Mr Oleg Fomin says the UN must make the West pay up:

"In one of his speeches in New York, Muammar Gaddafi accused the UN of failing to live up to its statutory mission. And failing it is. If it wasn't, it would have already found ways to persuade the West to acknowledge responsibility for the destruction of Libya and come up with funds to rebuild the country in every economic and social aspect. The culprit must pay. With regard to Nazi Germany almost 70 years ago, this principle worked."

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