8 November 2013, 16:20

People in Washington are numb from the number of protests – Christine Sands

People in Washington are numb from the number of protests – Christine Sands
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The Million Mask March has come and gone but the organizers are saying that it was a success and that it is possible that worldwide the event had pulled together over a million people in protests against political corruption and government illegality. The event sought to pull people from their on-line groups into real tangible protests in the streets of cities around the world. The Voice of Russia spoke to Christine Ann Sands, the chief organizer of the event which sought to bring together members and supporters of the Anonymous Hacktivist collective, supporters of WikiLeaks and truth seekers from all walks of life, in a massive peaceful protest.

Hello, this is John Robles. I am speaking with Ms. Christine Ann Sands, she is the Manager and domain Owner of MillionMaskMarch.org and a supporter of the Anonymous Hacktivist Collective, the Occupy Movement, Wikileaks and the Pirate Party.


Robles: Did any of the major mass media in the US show up?

Sands: No, we've had Voice of Russia and we had Voice of America for Russia. Then we had … we'd actually had some universities coming out and we did have many journalists but you know what? When the journalists came, I always referred them to Andrew Kreig because he had the real media message to give to them but sometimes they said they really wanted to tal to me and I did, and I gave some kind of poetic speech about how my view of Anonymous is that they are part of the truth movement. And so…

Robles: So Andrew Kreig gave a speech I believe, right? What did he tell the audience?

Sands: Well, he his audience was not this rogue crowd that that met hear and took off.

Robles: Right, right.

Sands: He gave a speech on Global Revolution TV. That's Vlad Teichberg's, and he's in New Jersey.

They have a lot of people as well… so, it was great opportunity for Andrew because he was able to send his message far and wide through mass media, so it was a very successful day for Andrew and his message of the corruption in Washington and the CIA ties behind both political parties got out.

Robles: Did you have any problems with these, with Oath Keepers?


Sands: Oh I did, and what happened was that Oath Keepers came on the Anonomobile and they were supporting this, and the march, and Oath Keepers were calling me to go to the march, and I put out on their website a call to unite Oath Keepers, Wikileaks, Anonymous.

Well the head of Oath Keepers contacted me, he said: "Hey, why did you put my name on this thing?"

And I said "well because it's a cause to unite Oath Keepers, they have a right to defend humanity too.

Robles: Can you tell our audience what are Oath Keepers, because many people, I am sure, have not heard of this organization: Oath Keepers?

Sands: Well Oath Keepers, that's 2 words, but their website is oathkeepers.org, they are active and retired military service men who have made an oath to defend the Constitution if the United States calls for, say for example marshal law, and they want to unarm all Americans and just take over with a police state, but then what happens is, in my experience is that many Oath Keepers are throwing in the towel because they say it's all talk, no action and so there's even division within Oath Keepers.

The head was concerned because he said people could lose their security clearances if the Government thinks that these active military are associated with Anonymous, and I think if anyone thinks that, I think they can remove your security clearance and I said would you also think that the wings of an airplane can disintegrate into nothing before they hit glass, right?

Like at the Pentagon, do you think that too?

And I'd love you to visit my site at Great American Revolt dot Org forward slash Pentagon.

I tried to respect him but I told him there is, you know you can't speak, even if you are the President of Oath Keepers, or the founder, they cannot speak for all Oath Keepers because many oath keepers wanted to come out, now granted, their name will come off the website tomorrow. Although it never was "Hey, Oath Keepers sponsored this", but it was a call for Oath Keepers, and a call for Wikileaks, and a call for Anonymous.

Robles: Did you get any members from Wikileaks or from the other groups? From the Pirate Party etc?

Sands: No, maybe in their own town they did, but...

Robles: No, Ok, OK.

Sands: …we watch how they do or as a matter of fact that these events are...

Robles: So there were events in Massachusetts as well? How many states saw events?

Sands: I would imagine all the states, there are 400 hundred locally, and if you'd looked at the map, which can be seen at the millionmaskmarch.org site, you can see the map, and there are pins all over the map, we couldn't even see the continents anymore it was filled with these red pins.

Robles: So what, all of those events, they went off without violence? Because we haven't got any reports of any deaths or clashes or anything.

Sands: Well, I think that if there were problems we would have heard them. I have been on my phone in discussion here just answering phones, answering questions so I haven't been able to get that bird's eye view yet but as soon as I finish with this event I will.

I'll be going home and looking at all the activity worldwide and I will be receiving these videos and photos and put these on AnonNews as encouragement and as a testament to what occurred visually speaking.

Robles: As far as you know, all … how many 450 events?

Sands: Yes, there were 447 on the final list. But then going on people would check and people kept writing me after that final list got published and I told them to go to the Million Mask March website to check and then go to Facebook.com on the Million Mask March page and post their events there.

And some didn't make it on the map because I still got at least a half a dozen before I stopped even looking at the Internet, and then I got off the Internet so I could do the face to face stuff, and I've also got 150 emails I haven't seen yet.

So, we will see how it goes when we get back on-line tonight, and I am glad though that you were able to look at other places, so that you could get a feel for what will happen globally because I am very interested in learning about that.

Robles: Oh sure. I think if you had all 450 events, if they took place, all the events in the United States, and we got reports from around the world in different locations, there was one in the Philippines that looked like thousands of people where there were massive crowds, there was even something from Australia, the UK one looked fairly medium sized, you might say, maybe it depends on the camera angle, and then of course Brazil and some South American countries that have been really insulted by American spying lately. So, I think a lot of people decided to put on masks so they could take their anger out on the attacks on their sovereignty down there.

Sands: You know, what we've noticed though, and this is part of the reason I brought the Anonomobile to Washington DC, was that we've got this street presence in Egypt, in Turkey, in Brazil, we know that we don't real have that here, and that is why I came here.

Robles: Well, it's kind of strange, Washington's kind of a strange place. Not long ago there was a man, he self-emolliated there, not far from where you are and there was like almost no reaction from passersby and everything. Apparently this guy had set himself on fire in hopes of sparking some sort of Arab Spring in the United States.

Sands: Are you serious? He set himself on fire here in DC and I didn't even hear about it?

Robles: This was about a few weeks ago, and he set himself on fire. He ended up he died and like some joggers tried to put it out, but there was no outcry. The guy just pretty much died in vain.

Sands: Unbelievable. John, what I was saying is that in Washington not only are the people numb, they are either numb or they are overwhelmed and they think there is nothing they could do.

But again the problem is, as we learned from speaking with people at the National Press Club that, if media reports they'll lose their jobs.

Now again, you would think that they would even have made an appearance.

Now however, perhaps they did at the White House and I haven't seen that coverage yet. So, I cannot say that they didn't get over there.

Robles: So are you telling me that the US media, if anybody had dared to report it, just report the event, or report from the event, the reporters could have been fired?

Sands: Yes, that's right. But now and I will tell you something that yesterday, Reuters A blog posted this event.

Yes, they called in they did that, so that was nice. And of course there are also, and Andrew is just an ear-shot away, but there are other journalists who did come today that I don't know who they were, and they were Americans.

So, I need to call Andrew and he could tell you who the journalists were that he spoke with.

Robles: Did you see a heightened level of security? Were you at the White House … did you see…?

Sands: Oh yes, I heard it was a zoo. But you know what that's … it was a very busy wit6h craziness.

There was a lot of angry people and a lot of security and police, and so and I don't you know … the pictures, I am sure there is going to be a bunch of pictures coming up, as to the photographing of the clash. I don't know if it was really a clash or this standoff or whatever …

Robles: It would be nice to see those because we've seen pretty much just pretty peaceful-looking photographs, like people sitting down and stuff. So we didn't see anything with clashes or anything.

Sands: There was this one guy that just left and reported, he was saying, the one that said it was a Rage Fest, he said that they had they had hundreds of people and they were all screaming and shouting and raging, and they were saying "OK let's jump the barricades at the same time. Are you ready!"

And then they were all trying to trick the cops just that "you are all going to jump and jump and jump", and then one guy jumps and then he got arrested.

Robles: Anybody get on to the territory of the White House?

Sands: Apparently they jumped the barricade and got onto the lawn and they were immediately arrested.

So, yes I would love to have been over there and see it but on my one was to take a stance and be here available for people who wanted to have a peaceful protest, and you know what, we did get people.

They'd say: "I am not going over there", we didn't get as big as this crowd as they did but again I commented to Andrew Kreig lots of people who know that we wanted to help educate, and I don't mean to be insulting them but these are the people who we want bring awareness to are the people who don't know.

So, it is good that we were here. Yes, I think it was wonderful. It was overall, it's sad that Washington is still sleeping, and they shout at the rest at the world. And that part certainly ought to fix that, but I do think that this is a great first step.

And maybe in other countries they go in their capital, like they did in Cairo but with us we are so spread out, and it is hard for us to just mobilize the whole United States because we are just too spread out.

So you just want to think that building those anti-political correcting resistance communities as well, is what I called them, both with the onset of the Million Mask March is going to be a very big stepping stone towards people congregating off-line and on their street capitals just nationwide.

Robles: Christine, we're going to have to wrap it up in a minute, Can you tell me what are your plans for the future? And was there a unifying message among the participants that showed up today or did everybody have their own complaints and their own reason for being there?

Sands: The unifying message is that … well for that rogue crowd was that "they are not taking it anymore". And I think that was the big message that they put out and the message that I had was a little bit different, was with the people who remained at the Washington Monument, which was "let's continue to put out the information because information is what changes things".

That must be correct and the information I think once the American people get, really the facts, because they are still in the dark.

Well some people say they do have and they just don't know what to do, so I think there's a little bit of both of that going on because there will be many people who I look at as educated people who still don't have the facts and they just don't, so all I would say I am still standing by the truth will set us free, that's what we need to get out there, that is what is important, that is why we need to come out alongside and defend and fight for Julian Assange's way out of this in Washington and that we could tactically spearheading that effort with whistleblower protection and fighting for those who have suffered and are suffering because they are not respecting the right to blow the whistle.

Robles: What are your plans and what are the movement's plans in the next few months?

Sands: Many people are asking me to stay in Washington because they think it is healthy for Washington to have me here. My plans were to go to Nashville for the winter to write songs to touch the hearts of the songwriters down there which will make songs that will motivate for the revolution and then to come back here in the spring and while we are continuing to build networks online and to come back, and my desire is to inspire people to occupy their cities in spring.

Robles: For a lot of people in Washington, you must be like a breath of fresh air for them.

Sands: Yes, they say that my passion, my fearlessness is a breath of fresh air.

Robles: All right Christine thanks a lot I really appreciate it.

Sands: My pleasure. Thank you for talking.

Robles: OK, great, thank you and thanks for filling us in and good luck.

Sands: Give Moscow a hug and a kiss.

Robles: OK, it's kind of big but I will try.

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