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Million Mask March: biggest ever rally arranged by Anonymous allies

Million Mask March: biggest ever rally arranged by Anonymous allies

Masked marchers gathered in front of the White House on Tuesday to protest against corporations and corruption in government as one of many similar rallies held around the world on Guy Fawkes Day, November 5.

The Voice of Russia's correspondent in Washington talked about Tuesday Million Mask March.

What was atmosphere during the marsh?

They really kicked off at 9. Am, all the events started at the Washington monument, on the Mall which is right in the heart of Washington D.C. This rally had neither official webpage nor official organizers, it seemed like it lacked organization. Some people didn’t know what to follow. Some of the so-called unofficial organizers wanted to remain at the Washington monument, there were those who wanted to move to Lafayette Square, some of the participants wanted to go straight to the Capitol. So first it was a bit confusing, but around 10 am the majority of the participants moved to Lafayette square right in front of the White House. There one of the organizers suggested a peaceful protest in the park near the White House. However the idea was not supported. There were a couple of incidents – first of all, the crowd was not supposed to stay there and the police have given 3 warnings. After the protesters did not walk aside the police started dispersing them. One of the participants got arrested for breaking off the police tape.

Were the police brutal with the protesters?

No, actually no. The police were aware of the upcoming protest and they actually tried to move people to the park where there was some kind of an entertainment for them. But, you know, as usual, in every action there are people who are more aggressive than the others who show more disobedience. The police really behaved in a civilized manner, they did not want to get into a fight. The so-called official organizers said that the protesters will stay there till noon, the police thus was very cooperative and they just waited patiently for the crowd to move to the Capitol.

What was the outcome? There was no official outcome as there was no official statement. It was a day-long rally, probably one of the biggest ever arranged by an anonymous group. It was over at 9 pm. Some people continued walking around wearing the masks even after the demonstration’s ending.

How many people in your estimate participated in the rally?

There is no official estimation yet, but there were hundreds. It is interesting that the local media sources were less interested in the really than the international ones. So according to the media reports there were about thousand people. In the afternoon the crowd moved back from the Capitol to the White House – after a long day of protest people got tired.

Has there been any reaction to the demonstration from the authorities so far?

There was no official reaction. But, to mention again, the police were aware and very cooperative. There was one incident - a protester burned at the American national flag. His post on twitter said that it was not his first flag burning but definitely the first in front of the White House. No arrest followed. But on the Facebook page of the rally one could find posts like this one: “What has the burning flag has to do with the Million mask marsh?” The demonstration participants were very disappointed by this fact and called it an act of disgrace.

Million Mask March: Anonymous supporters protest against corruption around the world

Protestors aligned with the hacktivist movement Anonymous are demonstrating at political landmarks and institutions around the world on Guy Fawkes Day.

Today, at dozens of cities across the world, one million people will be marching. Many will be wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

The Voice of Russia correspondent in Washington said: "Right now I am in the middle of something interesting happening. This even had no official organizers, it had had no official website. There were a couple groups who took charge in trying to organize things, trying to bring as many people as possible to the National Mall and apparently a couple groups started becoming more violent. Their posts on the Facebook said that their purpose is to meet up at the National Mall and move forward to the Lafayette Square by the White House in order to arrest the president and to hostage president and to hold him for about 90 days until they are doing their own investigation."

"What I am seeing right now is that all the people who came here, they just started moving to the White House. And there is another leader of that which was Christine Ann Sands. It is not an official leader because there are no official leaders but he was in charge of bringing as many people as possible here and he was trying to bring people’s attention to the fact that if they go to the Lafayette Square, the goal of the organizer of this March is to arrest the president. She was trying to say it loudly a couple minutes ago but people just started marching."

"So, that is what I am seeing right now. The event was planned to stay here at Washington monument on the National Mall. She brought the truck with light music, there is going to be dancers and entertainers. There was supposed to be an open mic where people could come up and talk about the issues and maybe come up with some solutions to the current world problems.But what I am seeing right now is people are leaving this place and there is this mobile which is called AnoMobile that she was driving for weeks in order to spread the word about the event to let as many people as possible know about this event. But what I am seeing right now is that people are leaving the place."

"It is absolutely different groups. The event was designed as a global series of multicity demonstrations. And when I am here in Washington at the same time the same marches and gatherings are happening across the country, reportedly in about 40 cities including New York, Texas and others. One-line description of the event reads “Anonymous, Wikileaks, the Pirate Party, Occupy and Oath Keepers to Unite Marchers, Occupiers, Whistleblowers and Hacktivists”. It is absolutely different groups with absolutely different issues that they want to bring attention to," the VoR's correspondent said.

Hundreds of people turned out in Los Angeles, California, where crowds gathered at City Hall before marching and chanting through the streets.

Hours after Washington police made arrests protesters could still be found throughout the US capitol. Some of those participating in the Million Mask March made their way past the White House, where demonstrators spoke about the ongoing National Security Agency surveillance.

Separate protests coincided with the Million Mask March in London Tuesday, with demonstrators rallying against growing austerity measures in the United Kingdom. Britain’s Green Party has called on anyone who is opposed to the “heartless” cuts instituted by Prime Minister David Cameron’s government to join in a rally on Westminster bridge. In a statement to reporters, Green Party spokesman Romayne Phoenix echoed many of the same complaints lobbed by Million Mask Marchers.

Cities in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand have already started their local events. Activists in Europe and US are expected to join soon. Event organizers have planned rallies and marches at 450 locations around the world, although the majority of the events have thus far attracted between several dozen people or a couple of hundred people.

Right now people are gathering all over the world for the Million Mask March.

According to the Anonymous Twitter, "pne arrest in Washington D.C. as Anonymous protesters and police come face-to-face."

Member of Anonymous in Japan preparing for protest march.

Million Mask March kicking off in Washington DC

Supporters of the Anonymous hacktivist collective are holding rallies all around the world on November 5, Guy Fawkes Day.

Event organizers planned to meet up at the Washington Monument at the National Mall and march on to Lafayette Park. Over 17,000 people plan on attending, according to the group’s Facebook page.

Millions of people to gather in Washington to support Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Pirate Party, Occupy and others

A Million Masks March will be held in Washington on November 5. The action has no organizers. It brings together people who support Anonymous, WikiLeaks, the Pirate Party, the Occupy movement and other groups seeking social justice. Provocateurs are calling for taking President Obama hostage.

Andrew Kreig, the author of the book "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters," who will be among the speakers at the event, said that the Million Masks March has no concrete organizer because anyone who values freedom and is committed to the principles of democracy can take part, hence no need for concrete organizers.

But it’s definitely a protest action for those who share the ideas of the Occupy movement, WikiLeaks, Anonymous and other organizations advocating peace, justice, openness and personal freedom and opposing violence, Kreig said.

Read the full interview with Andrew Kreig: US leaders 'in bed' with spies

Citizen's Action for re-election of US govt' - Andrew Kreig

On the eve of the Nov. 5th Million Mask March global event there are efforts to disrupt it. The newly-emerged rogue breakaway "Citizen's Action" group has declared it is planning to "arrest" the United States President, Congress and US Supreme Court justices on criminal charges. Citizen's Action, now being disowned by members of the Anonymous movement, says they intend to hold Obama et al, "without bond until a full independent investigation and trial have been completed," adding that they "must re-elect our government within 90 days in order to stave off unrest." In an exclusive interview for the Voice of Russia Andrew Kreig, an Yale Law graduate and a legal reform advocate and the Director of the Justice and Integrity Project, is to talk about the upcoming march and its implications for the future of the US power system. Listen LIVE at 9 pm Moscow Time (5 pm GMT).

The massive March, now being referred to as the largest world protest in history, will be held in over 400 locations worldwide and is a peaceful, non-violent event to help bring about government transparency and awareness of political corruption.

Participants are encouraged but not obliged to wear masks. Since Anonymous is a movement with no leaders, the event does not have an official web page or leaders. "Nobody is in charge: it's a movement, not an organization," states MillionMaskMarch.org.

Christine Ann Sands, owner of MillionMaskMarch.org an Facebook.com/MillionMaskMarch, has obtained a permit to hold the action at the DC Washington Monument. Sands has been heavily criticiized for obtaining permission.

Another DC organizer, John Anthony Fairhurst, has also obtained a permit but he did so under the name of his cousin Robert Clapp for Lafayette Park. Unlike Sands, who plans to remain at the Monument from 9am till 9pm with speakers, musicians and dancers, Fairhurst is directing others to meet at the Monument and then proceed to Lafayette Park, the same course of action being taken by the Citizen's Action group. Fairhust has not responded to Voice of Russia's request for comment.

One Citizen's Action Facebook page reads, "John Anthony Fairhurst and I would like to announce that the March on D.C. will be joining forces with the Million Mask March to show our strength in numbers, our solidarity, our passion as citizens of this country and the world to show that we are sick of what is going on in this world and refuse to stand for it any longer. We will join on the 5th of November, stand together and our voices WILL be heard.

Sands has united with Director of Justice Integrity Project and author of "Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters Andrew Kreig for the Monument event. Join us in the studio for more insight on this global event, listen LIVE at 9 pm Moscow Time (5 pm GMT).

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