3 November 2013, 18:00

Boston proved that NSA spying is not about terrorism – Anonymous

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Anonymous is calling for a massive turnout for the Million Mask March in Washington DC on November 5th. The protest will publicise the extent of NSA surveillance programs and that they must be held accountable for their actions. While the NSA chose to ignore Russian warnings about terrorist threats prior to the Boston bombing, they are deeply implicated in the drone attacks that are killing innocent people in several countries around the world. The revelations of Edward Snowden could be seen as a heroic action in raising awareness about NSA spying, but the underlying reasons for all this surveillance may be more sinister: that the US Government is planning a Surveillance State to prevent future rebellion by its own citizens.

A member of the Hactivist group Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia on these issues and more. The speaker is a member of Anonymous and is not speaking for the entire collective. He/she is merely exercising his/her right of freedom of speech. The individual's voice has been digitized to protect his/her identity.



Robles: What would you like to tell our listeners about Anonymous and about the upcoming Million Mask events? 

Anon: It is, like I said before; just spread the word, that’s the main thing. Without anyone backing anything nothing will happen, and it is not really that difficult. A lot of people make excuses, but people can make time. A lot of people work full time jobs, even two full time jobs, they have kids, and they still manage to make time to go out and protest, even for a couple of hours. 

Robles: What can people do to show support for … on November 5th. Say you can’t go to a demonstration. Are there other things people can do to support the idea? 

Anon: Well, there are events going on all over the country, so you can always go to the Million Mask March.org and click on locations and you will see. You will definitely find an event near you. If you are not able to join or do anything to support the march, you can watch it live. 

Robles: What can people here in Moscow do? 

Anon: Ah yes. If you are somewhere out there, outside of the United States, it is really hard for you to do a lot. Because you cannot just go out into the street and tell people, “hey the NSA is spying on you”. 

If you are thousands of miles away you cannot really do anything about it. What you can really do is just tell people on line. 

Robles: Yeah, I would say about 98% of Russians know about NSA spying. It’s something most Russians have suspected from the very beginning so it wasn’t really a big surprise. 

Anon: Definitely, a lot of people knew about it. It was a conspiracy theory back then but it is not a theory any more. So yes,spread the word or share information. Tell people about it. 

Robles: It’s scary here because I mean Americans in the United States, I mean, everybody has this illusion that “oh they are not supposed to spy on us they are supposed to spy on foreigners”, right? And then out here, away from States, I mean, I’m sitting here like I was a target for the NSA and the CIA and I am just open game for them. I think that it is shocking for Americans to see well they’re spying on us too, you know? 

Anon: A lot of people outside the US cannot really do anything about it. They cannot really go out and protest, and you cannot vote for anything because you are not a citizen of the US. You are not even in the US, so there is really little you can do. That is what we are trying to stop here, everyone needs at least a reason to be spied on. There has to be a very good reason to spy on this person, they must have a reason. Some people say: “spying on everyone doesn’t matter”. But there has got to be a reason to spy on people. 

Robles: Next it will be they can drone anyone it doesn’t matter. I mean they have gotten away with it in Pakistan so what just change it a little bit and it will be droning traffic violators in New Jersey or something. 

Anon: Yes, and the worst thing is our National Security Agency is linked to the drone programs. Many innocent people are getting killed, not every day, but all the time innocent people are getting killed in these drone strikes. They are killing more innocent people than Al Qaeda members, and I really would hate to see that happen anywhere else, and for it to spread to anywhere else. 

So many people are dying and they’re not supposed to be dying, and the people that are being tracked are being tracked by the NSA, and the NSA is not really good at tracking people as we have seen. Their servers are not working properly, so how can we trust them to be attacking the correct person at this point? 

Robles: Well they couldn’t stop Edward Snowden from leaving the United States? They pulled his passport in Moscow and leave him stranded so what’s he going to do yes? 

Anon: Yes, and this also put the Boston bombing in perspective. A lot of people would have come up with the excuse “yes, we will see the terrorists and then they get through the system anyway”. The problem with the whole Boston bombing thing was that Russia was telling America and the FBI not to trust the terrorists a million times. Russia said:“Hey do not trust these guys. They are up to something. Do not trust them”. Russia gave them so many tips and still they got through. 

Robles: No, yeah. They were on watch lists? 

Anon: So that is real evidence. What they are doing is not working, they just let these guys through,they bombed the event and they were getting tips all the time about it. So why are they really spying on people? Is it really to stop terrorism? Or is to keep all Americans oppressed and to stop any rebellion? That is another really good point that people are talking about. 

Robles: Well they have passed under the Patriot Act, there’s been additions where they can actually imprison in these FEMA camps massive numbers of millions, hundreds of millions of US citizens if there is some widespread protest for example against war policies. This is written in the books, but people don’t know about that do they? 

Anon: Oh yes. No, and that is one thing that really gets passed around. And if you start talking about it, too much, a lot of people say “oh you are a crazy conspiracy nut”. But if it looks like a car, and it sounds like a car, then it is probably a car. There are so many dots that connect. They point to the idea that all this is really happening just to stop any form of rebellion from occurring. 

They will put the people in FEMA camps. An example is Obama and Defense buying billions of bullets -why? They have enough bullets to wage a war on a couple of countries for decades; that is a scary thing.The time to act is now. We cannot wait too long, because if we wait too long there will be no point, we might as well just move somewhere else because the Police State or Surveillance State is going to approach such a level that nothing will be able to happen, and we will be forced to abide by their rules, and that is a future I would hate to live in. 

Robles: That’s what Edward Snowden saw I think. That’s why he decided he wasn’t going to be a part of it. Do you think he’s a hero for what he did? 

Anon: Oh yes, definitely. You could say a hero is someone that risks what they have for the better of others. That definitely defines him. He threw his life away, his comfortable life. He could have easily ignored everything but he decided to solve something that was wrong. 

Robles: Well he had that $250,000 year job, the big house, the girlfriend, and all that. He had it all I guess right? 

Anon: Oh yes, he had it all, he had a perfect life. I am sure a lot of people would do anything for that much money, and that is not even that much. 

Robles: Because he had the power too I guess. He was an NSA operative? 

Anon: Yes, and now he is poor and living almost on welfare. He was once at a really high level, he had a top job, and now he is just a poor guy on the street. That is why we have to support him. 

Robles: He’s a refugee in Russia. So, anyway. 

This is John Robles you were listening to an interview with a member of the Anymous Hacktivist Collective. Thank you very much for listening and as always I wish you the best wherever you may be.


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