31 October 2013, 18:31

The 2nd Open Innovations international forum opened in Moscow on Thursday. High-end technologies, effective start-ups and innovative cooperation on a global scale are among the main topics. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia shared his impressions of the event.

"The first day of the Open Innovations Forum is being held to a high standard with the participation of representatives of three countries – Russia, France and Finland. The discussion platform for youth is working actively. A number of the largest Russian innovative companies and our partners participating in the Forum prove that it is a success.

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First of all, I would like to indicate the progress that was made in contrast to the previous Forum, especially in terms of introducing ideas put forward a year ago. Today we see that some of these ideas became reality. Tens or even hundreds and thousands of people and companies already use the results of projects we started a while back either with the assistance of the government or without it.

Secondly, we see that our foreign partners take more and more interest in the Forum which becomes truly international. And our innovative systems become truly open not only for Russian businesses but for our European, Asian and American partners.

Thirdly, we see a significant growth in activity among companies working not only in the capitals of scientific research but in many other Russian regions which weren’t involved in the process before. Tens of Russian regions take part in the Forum which demonstrates that we succeed in spreading the experience of traditional scientific centers throughout the country. Based on that, I believe we can expect the innovative sector to contribute to social development and economic growth".

Medvedev: progress made in intellectual property protection in Russia

Russia has made progress in the protection of intellectual property, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev told the audience at the "Open Innovations" Forum in Moscow on Thursday, reports VoR's correspondent Ekaterina Scherbakova.

"There is one more theme, which, unfortunately, has been very complicated in Russia for a long period. I mean intellectual property. Nevertheless, I think that we have recently taken a large step forward. By the way, a special-purpose court for intellectual rights started operations recently and other regulatory bodies may be created in the future," he said.

"A strategy for Russia's innovative development to 2020 has been approved and, probably, it is a mission of any government to understand the development vector," Medvedev continued.

"We expect the strategy to add approximately 1 percent to our economic growth, with innovations,  from 2015. Indeed, this goal is ambitious but we are counting on it," he said.

"Obviously, we are upgrading our laws, seeking to make them modern and adapted to venture financing, and trying to use the international experience," Medvedev said.

Contract with ITMO very important for Russian Venture Company - RVC head

Contract with ITMO was extremely important for the Russian Venture Company, General Director of the RVC Igor Argamirzyan said in an exclusive interview with the Voice of Russia, commenting on the signing of a contract with the Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) at the Second International Forum "Open Innovations".

"We try to work with the leading Russian technical universities. Recently, we signed a cooperation agreement with Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. We plan to cooperate with the most advanced technological universities. Together with the ITMO we're going to develop networks of acceleration of technological projects and their expansion, their promoting in regions. This is an extremely important mechanism of transferring the experience accumulated in the capitals to the regional level".

Moscow becomes new innovations workshop

Moscow is gradually becoming accustomed to producing innovations, which are now seen less as exotics and piece goods. Innovations have finally found their niche in the capital’s market, creating new jobs and services, Sergei Sobyanin said today at the Open Innovations forum.

Innovative productions have stopped being exotic in Moscow. Innovations have established themselves as a system of full value, which develops actively, creates new jobs and offers new commodities and services, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said at the opening ceremony of the "Open Innovations" Forum in Moscow.

"The effort to create a favorable investment climate and innovative infrastructure did not pass unnoticed by international specialists," he said.

Moscow ranks 75th in the global rating of innovative cities, "and I think we may be upgraded further," Sobyanin continued.

He also said that the number of delegates and the interest in the "Open Innovations" Forum grew a lot this year.

Moscow hosts global Open Innovations forum

An international innovations forum has kicked off in the Russian capital of Moscow. The discussions platform called Open Innovations focuses on high-end technologies and cooperation perspectives.

An international innovations forum has kicked off in the Russian capital of Moscow. The discussions platform called Open Innovations focuses on high-end technologies and cooperation perspectives.

The forum is expected to attract people working in business, government and science and serve as an arena for experience exchange and learning the major innovations trends.

The first meeting of the kind was held in autumn 2012. It drew over 5,000 visitors from across 42 Russian regions and 38 countries around the world, who attended some 150 events within the forum’s official, special and youth programs and listened to over 700 speakers from 39 countries.

The Regional Studies Association placed Open Innovations second in its 2012 ranking of key innovation events.

This year, the forum will be titled Disruption and Innovation: Game Changers Powering the Global Market.

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