31 October 2013, 17:13

Innovations: a 'win-win game' for society and business

Innovations: a 'win-win game' for society and business

High-end technologies, effective start-ups and ambitious outlooks for innovative cooperation on a global scale – this and much more can be found today at the ongoing Open Innovations forum in Moscow.

Russia’s PM Dmitry Medvedev was spotted at the opening of this key innovations dialogue. The premier underscored the importance of international cooperation and constructive potential of innovative technologies.

“We’d like you to look at innovations as a win-win game where a corporate approach is the most efficient strategy with the highest yields for all parties involved. It doesn’t tolerate any divide-and-rule tactics, which is effectively a dead-end. The goal here is to promote the idea that these are the future of technologic development.”

Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said innovative technologies played an important role in Russian economics and urged the government to encourage this approach nationwide.

“We are under way to turn our development institutions into a nationwide network and shift the focus of such organizations as Skolkovo… from a small number of economically developed cities and regions to the entire Russian Federation. It is a very important process that we began several years ago.”

More innovations can also equal more jobs for Russia, especially for its younger generations, stressed Viktor Vekselberg, head of the state-run Skolkovo program. He brought in focus a new expert project called Russian Startup Show that is expected to create up to a hundred thousand new jobs across the country next year.

“We have our trust in ambition, we have our trust in the young, we have our trust in entrepreneurs and their brilliant ideas – and we are ready to give them our support. I guess we have all been a bit cautious about President Putin’s ambitious plan to create 25 million jobs. But imagine this project to get 10,000 startups off on the right foot. Multiply it by ten people – it means 100,000 modern jobs over just one year on this particular market.”

Gary Schwartz, CEO at Impact Mobile and Chairman of the Mobile Entertainment Forum, has praised the level of innovation development in Russia.

“I think the most important thing to take away from this is not where you are, it’s where you are heading. I think the most exciting part about this is that you are obviously committed to innovation, and you are trying to attract VCs. It’s irrelevant where you are. What is relevant is where you are going. And I think that you are obviously heading in the right direction.”

“If you invest in events that pull the right people together and you invest in communities and innovation cities, if you invest in and commit to the sector you will grow your positions. So it’s only going in the right direction,” Gary Schwartz told the Voice of Russia.

Many foreign experts believe that human potential is one of key ingredients in the Russian formula of innovative success. Learning to effectively exploit this potential will bring the country’s science and industry to a higher level, says Herbert Gleiter, of Nanotechnology Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany.

“I think it’s a reality. Look at our institute, for instance, at the technology department where almost a quarter of employees are of Russian origin. They studied at German universities and stayed in Germany for a long time and then went to America, or vice versa. The situation with Europe or North America is different. They are not as active in using this unique produce industrially, as you’d expect, but that’s exactly what this exhibition here and all these events are trying to achieve.”

The forum will wrap up on November 2. It is expected to hold dozens of expert panels and round tables that will discuss the problem of introducing innovate technologies in all spheres of life, from science and education to security and defense.

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