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Hacktivism is needed to fight oppression – Christine Ann Sands

Hacktivism is needed to fight oppression – Christine Ann Sands
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Activists in support of Anonymous, WikiLeaks and the Occupy Movement are organizing mass demonstrations worldwide on the 5th of November in protest of what they say is massive government corruption, war crimes, the crackdown on internet freedom and the war on whistleblowers and those who seek the truth behind the mass media façade and the government lies. The Voice of Russia’s John Robles spoke to Christine Ann Sands, regarding the upcoming Million Mask March, an event she is helping to organize. The level of illegality affected Christine to the point where she decided to do something about it, her fight leading her to become one of the few public faces of Anonymous.

Robles: Hello, this is John Robles. I'm speaking with Christine Ann Sands, she is the manager and domain owner of millionmask.org and a supporter of the Anonymous Hactivist Collective and the Occupy Movement.

Christine Ann Sands


This is part 2 of an interview in progress

Robles: Do you think it might be a little bit dangerous for Anonymous if very few people show up for these events? I hope that doesn't happen, but couldn't that be a risk, that you are taking if it seems like there are few supporters?

Sands: No, I don't think so, because it always look at is as "seeds planted grow", this is a growing movement. And we are not going to be dependent on the world's opinion of us. God doesn’t need Satan’s approval to win the war of "good against evil". We don't need anybody's approval to continue to grow.

I believe that world is one big evolution towards perfection. And that we are going to get there no matter what happens, whether the powers-that-be call a time limit on evil and they say that's ok, we are done, you know, it's time age is closed.

This planet will continue to evolve into who knows what. This? I don’t know. I still believe that evolution is always going forward towards perfection and so whatever good we do will not be futile, will not go to waste, it is not unimportant, it will grow.

We have to have complete faith that our actions, the words of light we speak our good intentions, our actions, they are also good and they are necessary no matter what anybody said.

Robles: I see.

Sands: And I don't like some of these articles that were coming out on the Internet about Anonymous dismantled….

Robles: Yes, I wanted to ask you about that.

Sands: That was just another lie, lots of lies are out there.

Robles: I mean, they are trying to say Anonymous is broken. The FBI arrested X-amount of people, they've "dismantled" the organization, there is "infighting" and everything else. Those are all lies, aren't they?

Sands: Agreed. They will say and do whatever they want just to make everybody believe, that they are dead.

No, of course, it's not. It's growing everyday and we can see that.

I go down with my Anonymous shirt and my Anonymous briefcase and I've got people stopping me and thanking me.

Really, when you get the Guy Fawkes mask in this 32 foot RV that looks like state police, driving around the city and people are honking at you and they are saying I salute you. It is nice that I can have this encouragement.

Well, I know, this is good, is alive more than ever. The more they try to oppress us, the stronger the spirit is going to be because it's needed, we need Hacktivism.

Absolutely! You’re a joy to speak with by the way, you remind me of my good friend, he is a music producer.

Robles: Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliment. You are pleasure to speak with as well. One more time, can you tell us where people can go to find out more about the Million Mask March? How many movements are right now? And then we'll kind of rap it up..

Sands: You need to go to millionmaskmarch.org and if you go to millionmaskmarch.org/location you will see all of the locations, there are 350 right now, so it's exciting.

Robles: 350? This is worldwide, right?

Sands: Yes. We are talking about Melbourne, Sidney, London, LA, Boston, Hartford.

It's fantastic and I will say this as each year passes it's going to continue to grow, be confident in that, there is no other way. It's growing. The more they oppress us, the more we grow with the people to fight oppression.

Photo: The Voice of Russia

Robles: The beautiful thing about Anonymous, I'm sorry to interrupt you, is that Anonymous is inclusive: you could be a housewife, you could be a nuclear physicist, you could be black, white, Muslim, it doesn't matter. Anonymous includes anyone who is interested in truth, in justice, and good, right?

Sands: Absolutely. It's a wonderful thing.

Robles: Anything else you'd like to finish up with?

Sands: Well, I just have a question.

Robles: Sure.

Sands: Because of all the untruth circulating, with regard to WikiLeaks, some people say: "Oh! Julian is in there because he wants to be!" Other people say: "Oh well Obama is protecting Julian, and that's why he got him in there with all that, you know, 8 million..6 million dollars a year of surveillance.

Robles: Obama is "protecting" Julian?!?!!

Sands: I'm telling you!!! I heard this at the National Press Club last night. people were: "Julian could be out if he wanted to, Obama is protecting him because Obama really wants to."

And it's so bizarre. And I say to myself: "people are believing all these twisted stories."

You got to come down to your common sense sometimes, do people really want to live cooped-up in a room. No! They want to be out!

Robles: What was your question?

Sands: The question is… Even some of his supporters say that he could be out if he wanted to. I don't believe that.

Robles: No. it's not true. I mean, I've talked to many Wikileaks people. I know even personally some of the things Julian's facing and his fears are very real. I mean, if he leaves that embassy, he will be immediately arrested and he will be sent to Sweden which is just a mechanism for them to then send him to the United States. He might not even make it to Sweden, he might be renditioned right to the United States.

Sands: I know and I agree with you. I'm just glad to hear you say it because there are other people who I thought I trusted to be smart enough to know better. And they are still saying stupid things like he’s there because he wants to be and Obama's protecting him.

And I just wanted hear you say it. That's all. I've already done all my homework and I know it was a set-up and I know he is there because of the secret grand jury.

Robles: I would be sure, I would be almost 100 percent sure that if Mr. Julian Assange was not in an embassy, if he was just walking around somewhere trying to live somewhere peacefully, I'm sure that he would be a target for assassination by the US government.

Sands: Yes, and I will tell you one thing. Because I was such a strong supporter of WikiLeaks when Sarah Harrison was helping Edward Snowden in Moscow and their FaceBook page was down for couple of months, I just changed my name to WikiPoet and I put all their posts of their Twitter to the Facebook page, about 5,000 of them, it was a great opportunity for me to stay on top of the information that they were putting out.

That's why I developed a really great respect for them. And when I came right down to it I said: how can we help them? You've got to go to Washington, you've got to go to the jugular vein of political corruption, you've got to stir the people and you've got to get them to support Wikileaks and then as they come against the powers that be for trapping WikiLeaks like this, then there will be hopefully an open door for him to leave.

That’s one of the reasons why I bought this billboard to put WikiLeaks on because I wanted to bring the attention to that. It’s working!

Robles: That's great. It's wonderful what you are doing. One last point now: you grew up in the states, I did too. Remember Russia (the Soviet Union) was always demonized. It was the evil power, it was the evil suppressor, it was the stifler of freedom and there was no free speech or anything. What do you think about the situation now?

Sands: Well, I'll tell you that, my father is Russian, so I'm half Russian and my mother is from Germany and Spain. But I was born and raised in the States, I know exactly what you are talking about.

So what do I think now? The more that I learn through Wikileaks, the more I said: "Gee. I wish I was an Australian citizen…", or "… the Russians seem to be the good guys now!", and I started to get disheartened about being an American citizen, and then I said: "Wait a minute here!"

Just because someone has stolen your flag doesn't mean you have to be sad about your own citizenship and that's when I decided to say: "No, guys! You evil men in political power! You have stolen the flag from the American people. You must be dethroned!

And I decided that I was not going to be ashamed of my American citizenship just because the people who are in power are not doing as the people want and they are lying to us.

And then this great "War on Terror"! Well guess what? We are doing most of the killing. Why don’t we start by answering that question.

Robles: Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.

Sands: You're welcome.

Robles: Take care and stay in touch.

You were listening to an interview with Christine Ann Sands, the manager and domain owner of millionmask.org and a supporter of the Anonymous Hactivist Collective in the Occupy Movement. Thanks for listening and I wish you the best.


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