21 October 2013, 15:04

US administration to respond to ObamaCare website bugs amid negative criticism

US administration to respond to ObamaCare website bugs amid negative criticism

Obama Administration officials and other Democrats appeared to respond Sunday to increasing pressure for a public explanation from the Health and Human Services Department about the troubled federal health care website. President Obama is to publicly address the issue on Monday. The White House said Sunday that the President will directly address the technical problems with the site that "he and his team find unacceptable."

The website has been mired in problems since its launching: there were crashes, slow response times and problems which keep visitors from completing the online process by purchasing health insurance.

Insurance coverage under ObamaCare begins in January and those who fail to purchase insurance under the 2010 law will have to pay a tax penalty.

House investigators say they want to know whether officials involved in the website “didn’t know or didn’t disclose” problems, after repeatedly saying the site was “on track” to launch.

Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius would testify before Congress about the site, amid a growing call for her to accept requests to speak on Capitol Hill.

Commerce committee Chairman Fred Upton began focusing on Secretary Sebelius after she went to Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” last week to talk about the website.

“Secretary Sebelius had found time for Jon Stewart, and we expect her to have time for Congress,” the Michigan Republican has repeatedly said.

A couple of Republicans have even called on Sebelius to resign.

Meanwhile, the criticism over the necessity of Obamacare is still on track. For instance, Republican Senator Jim Inhofe says he likely wouldn't be alive today if ObamaCare had been in effect when he received recent quadruple bypass surgery.

The 79-year-old Oklahoma senator was having a routine colonoscopy when doctors found his arteries were so clogged he needed emergency heart surgery.

In "socialized medicine like Obama is trying to impose upon America," he could never have had that surgery because the waiting time would have been too long, Inhofe explained, and added: he would have probably died before even having a surgery.
"A person can find out, here in the US, that he has this emergency situation where he has got to have immediate heart surgery," Inhofe said. "And if you are in a country other than the US, a lot of them, you can’t get it done. In my case, with my age, that would have been about a six-month wait."

Inhofe urged Americans to "hold onto what we've got here. You are talking to someone right now who probably wouldn’t be here if we had socialized medicine in America."

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