20 October 2013, 19:18

Anonymous is engaged in battle for truth over evil – Christine Ann Sands

Anonymous is engaged in battle for truth over evil – Christine Ann Sands
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Christine Ann Sands one of the chief organizers and one of the few public faces of Anonymous spoke to the Voice of Russia, in an exclusive interview, about the Million Mask March, Hacktivism, WikiLeaks and the truth movement. According to Ms. Sands the American people have been hijacked by evil forces that were behind the 9-11 attacks and that continue to control the US government, the media and political parties. 

After speaking to hundreds of journalists and former White House correspondents she came to the conclusion that the US mass media knows this but any journalist who might dare go against the “government line” faces losing their job. Ms. Sands says the people know something is wrong and this is where those fighting for truth such as Anonymous, Occupy and WikiLeaks come in. Massive marches and demonstrations are planned for November 5, 2013, in defense of the truth.

Hello, this is John Robles, I’m speaking with Christine Ann Sands, she is the manager and domain owner of millionmaskmarch.org and a supporter of the Anonymous Hactivist Collective in the Occupy Movement.

Christine Ann Sands

Robles: Hello, Christine. How’re you?

Sands: Hello, John. I am very well, thank you.

Robles: It’s a great pleasure to be speaking with you. Can you tell us a few of the sites that you domain owner for and where people can go to find out more information on the Million Mask March and what that's all about please?

Sands: Certainly, I have the domain names millionmaskmarch.org., .com, .net and .info as well as Facebook “Million Mask March” and in my view, Million Mask March on November 5, is a time for all to unite and to take a stand against worldwide political corruption and what I’ve put on the millionmaskmarch.org website is for Anonymous, Occupy and Wikileaks to unite all Hacktivists, Marchers and Occupiers, to stand together on November 5, united against political corruption.

Robles: On the internet there is a lot of speculation as to the exact goals of the Million Mask March. What other goals are there?

Sands: Since we know that Anonymous is a movement and not an organization, people can be flexible and can add a variety of causes that are important to them. It doesn’t negate anything.

Just because I own the domain name doesn’t mean that I have right to speak for everyone, just myself. But I have been speaking with a lot of people, who stand united against bankers corrupting corporations and politicians and oppressing the people, and that’s a general feeling across the board, that I get.

Just like in Occupy where there were a lot of different complaints of the people against the system, you may find that as well in Anonymous.

One thing about Anonymous and the Mask that I find to be true is that people need a mask when they become involved in Hacktivism to protect themselves and some are saying that Hacktivism is the last defense, the last mechanism of self-defense before violence has to come in, because the people who made the laws (or the corrupt laws) aren’t listening to us, and they are not going to change because they don’t want to change, even if it’s not right what they are doing. But sometimes you got to force change. But Hacktivism is said by some to be with the last resort before violence.

Now with me and the movement in general that I’ve been able to come to understand it is a very tasteful movement: Corruption is lawlessness and all laws created against the spirit of love, is the last form of lawlessness, and you don’t fight lawlessness with more lawlessness and chaos, you defend humanity with the truth. And that’s why WikiLeaks is so important and integral, for this whole movement. Because its main objective and focus is truth, because you can’t change anything until you know what the real facts are.

And we all know that in Washington DC, it's almost like the citizens of America have been hijacked, they are on a certain path, on a certain train and they can’t have access to the information because its secret.

So we have pretty much been hijacked as a population and the media and the information that we are getting about current events has proven to be false, over and over again. And that’s where Hacktivism comes in, because for once we are finally getting the truth.

Photo: The Voice of Russia

Robles: Why is it that the US government has implemented such insanely harsh penalties for things like DDoS attacks? And why are they so… even at war we might say with people, who are seeking the truth and rule law?

Sands: There is a book out called "Presidential Puppetry", it is a new book by a friend of mine, his name is Andrew Kreig and he is a Yale Law Grad and a University of Chicago Law Grad, and he talks about the powers behind the political parties, the CIA, running “both” parties and his views and then we go to see, when you look for who has got the power, who is trying to push what agenda, we have all known that, they are the wealthy bankers so...

I was at the National Press Club last night, and I was asking a former White House correspondent and some other journalists; “Why isn’t mainstream media covering any of this?”

And they said because that if they do, they will be out of a job, and as I began to talk further, as an activist, at the National Press Club, pretty much the summary was this: “… that the bankers own the mafia, and they run it through the CIA and control the political parties.”

And that may be an obstacle for some, and it may be common knowledge for others, but what we are seeing is that there is a lot of corruption and a lot of lies, and we are seeing… trying to follow the money trails. So the off shore tax week, you know, is something that we really look at.

Robles: Can I ask you a personal question? Most Anonymous members, most sympathizers of Anonymous even just Anonymous sympathizing individuals are extremely afraid for their own safety. I’ve dealt with Anonymous members in the past, and some of the security measures that they were forced to take were; extreme! To say the least.

Why aren’t you afraid to admit that you support Anonymous openly and… (being in the United States) … and is there a move by Anonymous to come out into the public and begin more public type demonstrations rather than the cyber war?

Sands: In answer to the first part of your question: I am not afraid because I am a poet and I speak philosophically, I am not a Hacktivist, and if I were a Hactivist, I would have to protect my identity, but I am not.

So instead I said to myself: “What do we have that we can fight back with?”

And of course that’s information, so when you ask the average American: “What do you know about Anonymous or WikiLeaks?”

They don’t know very much. They don’t know the other side of the story of Syria, they’ve only hear what mass media tells them and I just want to amplify that at the National Press Club last night, it’s not that the media are not aware, it’s that they choose not to report on these issues that would make the government mad at them, because they don’t want to lose their jobs.

So I said: “What am I going to do to bring the message to the streets of Washington?”, because there was a lot going on on the internet but unlike the revolution and the gathering of many people together in one place on streets, like we saw in Pakistan and Turkey, Brazil and Egypt, none of that was going on in DC!

So: I grew up in the nation’s capital, I am not afraid of these guys I grew up with, that is another reason why. To me they are just regular old people who are bullies and behave ungodly and I’m not afraid.

I also believe that God is with me, for me God is just a force bigger than I am, that desires good and that is on my side, if I die, like many say!

There has been a lot of killing by the United States Government, some say JFK was assassinated, or others say that the Pentagon was an act of the United States Government, and I mean, sorry, that 9/11 was. Or the Oklahoma City Bombing, and there are many more.

Robles: Boston…

Sands: So, I say, what am I going to do? Without getting lost on that track.

So, I say, “what am I going to do?” I need to get the information to the people on the streets. So, I said “Well you are not going to get the media to report it!” That’s for sure. “And you’re not going to get anybody to put up a billboard!”

So I said: “I’m going to get the biggest billboard I can and drive it around Washington!”

So I bought myself a 32 foot RV, had it painted it black, with blue stripe all around it, like the state police and I put the Wikileaks logo, the Anonymous logos, Occupy and I am driving around and I got Million Mask March November, 5 on the side, and every night since I have arrived in DC, I have been detained and stopped and investigated by regular police, and secret police.

Robles: Oh my God…

Sands: You know what? Good! I am glad! Because every time they come and they talk to me, I give them some more information.

I drive by the military bases and I get military men calling me on my cell and saying: “Can you tell me more about you?”

I find people in parking lots, former navy, military officers coming in and saying; “I can’t talk to you because I have got a secret security clearance.”

And I said: “You visit with me is not futile! You can always go and report to Wikileaks.”

So I am nothing but a little advertiser director: you have a story? Go tell Wikileaks! You know?

I think you had a second part of the question earlier and I don’t know whether I answered it.

Robles: Okay. Yeah, regarding Anonymous itself, is there a move (which might be a very dangerous one) but, is there a move by Anonymous to come out and be more involved in public types of displays?

In one point, I think it is very wise because I mean for a sit-in, somebody might sit in jail for 3 or 4 days, right? But for DDoS sit-in… they could go to jail for 10 or 15 years or whatever, right?

Is there a movement by Anonymous to kind of become more public or out in the open?

Sands: Again, I can’t speak for everyone.

Robles: In general, do you see a willingness by Anonymous members to take part in more civil disobedience type protests?

Sands: Well that’s probably a gray area because we want to protect them, because we know that there is evil out there, but we also want to collectively stand.

I like what Edward Snowden did when he became public but we could see at what lengths our government went to, even to hijack the President of Bolivia’s airplane, to try and get to him, so maybe we are just in that “gray area”.

I would imagine that the youth want to be able to come out and to speak freely their mind. I am thinking that at this point we might just have to separate Anonymous into different… You there are people who have different roles within the Anonymous Movement, and I would say, protect the Hactivists, and let the others who are poets and just marchers and Occupiers come out! But I don’t necessarily want to encourage all Hacktivists to come and get themselves thrown in jail. I don’t think that’s good. Because evil powers are in control and quite frankly, I do not believe it was plane that hit the Pentagon at all, and that’s part of the great American revolt that’s written on the other side of this Anonomobile. Well, I’m not alone in that, there were many who believed that Government was not truthful about the happenings of 9-11.

Robles: Yeah, well, I mean you had a building where there was a small office fire and it collapsed into its own footprint, it wasn’t even hit even by any debris.

Sands: That was WTC7, World Trade Center 7 and on the greatamericanrevolt.org/pentagon, you will Secretary of State John Kerry, admitting on radio, that it was pulled.

Now anybody who knows anything about control demolitions knows; you can’t pull a building like that in half a day.

Robles: Well, Larry Silverstein said the same thing, he was recorded and it was on ABC Television and he said “Oh, well, then, you know, there was some fires and,” I am quoting him, he said: “We made the decision to pull!”

Sands: That was exactly what he said and I’ve seen that. That is what is on greatamericanrevolt.org.

Robles: “I made the decision to pull,” he said. And about the Pentagon, the same thing, the whole 767 just evaporated, disappeared into a hole that was about what? 10 feet in diameter?

Sands: Yes, now we’ll say that it was a 757

Robles: 757. Okay

Sands: Now the tail of a 757 is four storeys high. The photos show that the lawn was undamaged and the second floor didn’t come down, until 45 minutes later.

So how can a four storey tail disappear in one storey of the building without damaging the lawn or taking out the second floor?

How could the wing-span, where it would have taken out the building… There was still foam on the windows that were unbroken where the wing-span should have hit. Now.. It just wasn’t true! It wasn’t a plane!

So I believe that no matter how much money these guys have, how evil they are, that good is going to prevail, and that truth is going to win. And when the people in the United States of America find out that they were lied to: it’s a whole new ball game!

Again we don’t win against corruption with lawlessness against more lawlessness, what we have to do is to point to the responsible leadership, and I know that “leadership” is a bad word in the Anonymous movement, but I will tell you there are people who are knowledgeable, and they have organizational skills and good hearts like Julian Assange, who can help to orchestrate a better way in politics, you know, so of course, the starting point is truth: you can’t make a decision about anything until you have the truth and that’s what we have to start with.

Robles: Truth: that is the ultimate battle of good against evil, I think. I am in it, you are in it and Anonymous is in it, Weakileaks is in it and truth must prevail. There is no other option.

Sands: I am sure that it will. Like God is love, God is truth and God wins. Not everybody believes in God but I believe that God is truth, and it will win and there will come a time, I mean: “Is the age of Aquarius finally upon us, now that we are in the information age?”

Robles: Whatever you call it, if you call God, or Allah or the Great Spirit, it doesn’t matter, it’s “Good” whatever it is.

Sands: Agreed!

Robles: Now, maybe it is a banal little question but why is Guy Fawkes important for Anonymous? The Mask and the 5th of November?

Sands: It is a take-off from the movie, the V for Vendetta, fighting corruption. I believe they just adopted that after the movie and perhaps, it isn’t so much anonymity, that they wanted as opposed to unity, by putting on the same face, but anonymity came in handy when we started to attack evil, in order to protect yourself and your family.

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