4 October 2013, 14:47

Chelyabinsk meteorite: a message from God?

чебаркуль метеорит место подъема озеро челябинск

Divers have lifted more than 100 kg of space rock from Lake Chebarkul at the site of a meteorite explosion in Russia’s Chelyabinsk region. Laboratory tests showed that it was a typical chondrite, or stone meteorite, about 4.5 billion years old. Most meteorites are chondrites. While scientists are looking forward to getting new samples of the Chebarkul meteor, some people see it as God’s message to humanity.

Andrey Breyv, the head of the recently-founded Church of the Chelyabinsk Meteorite, argues that what happened over Chelyabinsk on February 15, 2013 was not a chance happening but a sign of what has long been talked of, namely that Russia may become the spiritual center of the world. Ten years ago, archeologists found an ancient human settlement, Akraim, near Chelyabinsk. God apparently chose that place for his “special information package” the world has been waiting for centuries, Breyv said in an interview.

“It’s a new package of knowledge designed to give us a new insight into the Aquarius Era. Finally, it has reached us in the form of a meteorite. We call that package ‘covenant’ by analogy with the Bible. Moses was the one who once received an information package which was more than just stone tablets with some symbols scribbled on it but a special message for Moses and his people. The world has changed a lot since then. The previous spiritual knowledge has been exhausted. The new package contains new scientific knowledge and a new code of moral norms and laws that will give humans a better life. What matters is that from now on spiritual and scientific knowledge will be a single whole,” Breyv said.

He claims that months before a meteorite splashed into Lake Chebarkul he and a few other people had felt God’s message approaching Earth.

“I had been preparing for it all my life, searching for a spiritual path. I possess extra-sensory capabilities and devoted my entire life to it. There are only twelve people in the world, the so-called lictors, who are able to understand the message, decode and interpret it. I am one of them. Before the meteorite, I had a protracted disease, the disease of shamans they call it. But the moment the meteorite struck, I felt much better. God sent me a revelation this summer. And then I realized that my spiritual search was over – I found what I had been looking for,” Breyv said.

He has got some 200 followers who communicate with each other through social networking sites. How many of them really believe in the “New Covenant” and how many are being driven by mere curiosity is hard to say. At present, the adepts have nothing beyond abstract faith, but they are planning to build a temple.

“Our main demand,” Breyv said, “is that the ‘tablets’ be lifted with care and handed over to our priests for further work. We want to build a temple where they could be stored and where any believer could approach the message not fearing to damage its information field. I am sure we will find an architect who will be inspired by divine power to create such a building. We think that the temple’s architecture should convey an image of the meteorite at the moment of explosion with columns rising all around it.”

An operation to recover what could be fragments of the meteorite from Lake Chebarkul where a large chunk of space rock presumably fell has been going on for three weeks now with Breyv closely following it. He always keeps some grains of meteorite dust in his pocket wherever he goes. When news spread that several fragments had been lifted, Breyv hurried to the scene to touch them.

The contract for the operation expires on October 4, but the contractor hopes that it will be prolonged. Sonars and other equipment point to a certain anomaly in the lake. Work is being impeded by a thick layer of ooze covering the bottom.

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