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US-Israel-Wahhabists-Saudis: 'an unholy alliance' – Dr. Kevin Barrett

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The United States of America continues to use the same playbook in their war for global domination against any country that they do not control: false flag terrorist attacks, demonization and then military attack disguised as intervention. 9-11 was the mother of all false flag attacks and was the catalyst for the endless war on terror that the unholy alliance between the USA, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Al-Qaeda have unleashed on the world. President Putin was absolutely right when he talked about the false concept certain countries have regarding their own exceptionalism in a recent. Dr. Kevin Barrett spoke with VOR’s John Robles on these issues and more in an exclusive interview for the Voice of Russia.

Hello, this is John Robles, I am speaking with Doctor Kevin Barrett, he is the owner and the manager of the truthjihad.com website and the long time critic of US foreign policy. Hello, sir.

Barrett: Hello, good to be with you John.

Robles: Thanks for agreeing to do the interview. We have been hearing more and more about links between Al-Qaeda, Islamist terrorist groupings, the Saudis and the US government. Yet they have been demonized as the end-all-enemy for the United States for years now. Can you comment on the fact that history and news reporters showing that Al-Qaeda is being supported in Syria, in particular, I think about 90% of the fighters at the US are supporting Syria are Al-Qaeda affiliated and if you could talk a little bit about the history of Al-Qaeda and the US?

Barrett:Right. That’s one of the things that the US government is having a hard time explaining to the American people, is why it is so urgent that the US should go to war in Syria on behalf of Al-Qaeda. That conflicts with the propaganda we have been given since 9-11.

We have been told that Al-Qaeda is a ruthless band of sort of suicidal homicidal fanatics and that the only way to respond to them is to basically: exterminate them with drone assassinations and so on, and yet, here we are, with the US straining at the leash looking for any opportunity to attack Syria on behalf of Al-Qaeda.

So that raises questions about what Al-Qaeda really is and the real history of Al-Qaeda is very different from the official history. It was actually created by the US along with its Pakistani and Saudi allies to fight against Russia in Afghanistan and since then most of what Al-Qaeda has done has been to smuggle drugs and attack Russia on behalf of the CIA. And every now and then Al-Qaeda manages to whip up a kind of a false flag attack to justify US interventions somewhere.

Of course, 9-11 was the mother of all false flag attacks so Al-Qaeda serves two purposes: one is to act as the CIA’s “Arab Legion”, and fight against whoever the US looks at as a geopolitical enemy, such as Russia or Syria, and then secondly, Al-Qaeda is a sort of permanent “false flag group” in that they built this legend about the evil radical Muslims of Al-Qaeda, which mobilizes American public opinion in favor of a fear based politics and justification of basically any intervention that the government wants.

Robles: Have you seen a changing in opinion by the US populace? I mean are people like backing off a little bit?

Barrett: Oh, they backed way off. Yeah!

I think after the Boston bombing there was a huge outburst of talk about false flag terrorism and questioning about what really happened in Boston and then with this latest round of US attempt to push through a bombing of Syria, once again, here we have seen vast majority of the American population seeing right through this and being so strongly against the war that even APAC, the lobby in DC, that usually gets everything it wants, was unable to push through its plan to have the US bomb Syria on behalf of Al-Qaeda.

And so as I said, the American public is just not understanding why it is so urgent to attack Syria for Al-Qaeda and the anti-war sentiment is at 2/3 to 3/4 of the population according to all the polls, and that’s really what has made it impossible for them to do this war.

Robles: I see.

Just a reminder you are listening to an interview with Doctor Kevin Barrett.

Robles: I mean it sounds insane to me that they would try to convince the American people that somehow Syria is some sort of a threat, and the other aspect, that somehow the United States has some sort of God given authority to bomb any place they want because they are the moral policeman of the planet.

Barrett: Right, well that is the whole issue of so-called American exceptionalism that President Putin brought up in his Op Ed in the New York Times which was very well received by the way. Frankly, right now, I think that now most Americans look at Putin as more of a statesman than Obama or really just about any other leader, he’s done very well out of this Syria fiasco that Americans hashed up so badly.

And I think he is absolutely right about this issue of American exceptionalism. And you know, I think that in President Putin’s Op Ed when he made those remarks about how it is very dangerous for any group of people to consider themselves exceptional.

He was obviously first and foremost talking about this tradition of American exceptionalism: the idea that America is the indispensable nation, which is this kind of mythology that makes no sense whatsoever, every nation is different, every nation is unique and the USA is maybe the strongest nation militarily, economically, but it’s ridiculous to think that there is some kind of God given right for the USA to run around the world bombing people and thinking it is the world’s policeman and so that was the first reference that I think President Putin was making.

The second reference and the slightly hidden reference he was also making was the issue of Israeli exceptionalism which is of course based on a kind of Jewish superiority complex, and Jewish culture like all other cultures has plenty of good points, as well as bad points, but one of the aspects of Jewish culture is this notion of “the chosen people”, which has managed to survive a transition among the Jewish people from a group of people who were very religious (Judaism was just another religion) and then in the 19th century it became more of a sort of intensely nationalistic secular movement.

Today the State of Israel is obviously even more convinced of its exceptionalism than the US is, so we have the US and Israel both teaming up to bomb Syria because they both think… (and then there is of course the Saudi regime which also seems to think it’s exceptional).

The Saudis have been paying the Wahhabi Movement which believes that its version of Islam is the only legitimate religion on earth and so the Saudis attack in fury. The people who condemn other Muslims as heretics and want to chop their heads off also seem to think that they are an exceptional nation that has the right to go around doing whatever it wants.

So we have this kind of “unholy alliance” of these grey Wahhabi-Saudis, backed by this insanely corrupt and wealthy royal family, these exceptional self-appointed-chosen-people over in Israel, and then the American exceptionalists who believe that it is their destiny is to bomb the world into peace.

And I think that President Putin responded very eloquently to the challenges posed by this alliance and so far he is winning the stand-off.

Robles: It is an odd alliance. Now in Syria they are all supporting what is supposed to be the enemy of all mankind, Al-Qaeda.

Barrett: Right, and this is all so impossible to summarize and sell to the American people.

So what they did in order to try to sell their war on Syria, is they took a page out of the same old book that they used for the war on Iraq (9-11 was false flag terrorism) so here they apparently did a false flag attack in Syria and then they did the same kind of rhetoric that they used against Saddam Hussein: they said that: “Oh it’s chemical weapons, weapons of mass destruction, etc. etc.!!”

They raised a big stink out about this horrible atrocity in Ghouta but actually turns out it was apparently a false flag attack.


That was the end of part one of an interview with Doctor Kevin Barrett, a doctor in Arabic and Islamic studies, and the co-founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for Truth, he is also the owner and manager of truthjihad.com. You can find the rest of this interview on our website at the voiceofrussia.com.

Thanks for listening, and I wish you the best!

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