20 September 2013, 07:38

'What McCain says about Russia and Vladimir Putin is exactly the opposite of what facts are' - expert

сенатор Джон Маккейн
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US Senator John McCain published a response to the Vladimir Putin’s NYT op-ed in the Internet news outlet Pravda.Ru. In his article, Republican Senator, who regularly criticizes Russia and Russian officials, said that he is not an active anti-Russian politician. The VoR discussed this issue with Stephen Lendman, a writer, syndicated columnist and activist.

Stephen, thank you very much for joining us! What do you think of this latest sort of exchange between Vladimir Putin and Senator McCain?

On the one hand, I can only say thanks to Vladimir Putin. John McCain is not only a blunder buss. He does this sort of things all the time. He's also a dumbo. He is one of the most incompetent senators in Congress. Many of his own party members despise him. When he ran for presidency in 2008, he dissociated himself from his campaign. And even McCain had to admit that he really isn't the brightest guy in Washington. He admitted that when he was in Naples, he graduated near the bottom of his class, he picked grades nearly good enough to graduate. I mean, the guy is not only incompetent. He's stupid. I'm surprised he can read and write. And what he says about Russia and Vladimir Putin is exactly the opposite of what the facts are. As far as McCain is concerned, he would like the Pentagon to be al-Qaeda's air force against the Syrian people, against Syrian civilians, which is what it amounts to in the Syrian conflict. McCain is a disgrace.

Why do you think McCain chose Pravda.ru to publish his article?

Oh, I honestly don't know. I thought that was very interesting. I also find it interesting that the Pravda would give someone like him a chance to voice his opinion. It is ludicrous and offensive as it is. I mean, it’s extremely unusual to the New York Times to let someone like Vladimir Putin have a legitimate op-ed with very important things that he said. I wrote about his opinion. I praised him for it. I said he discussed things going on in Syria responsibly. It's not what the New York Times does. It certainly is not what John McCain and his buddy in the Senate Lindsey Graham – two very extreme hawks, they want war, they want more war, they want Syria besides ravage to destroy that already is, they want entirely ravage, and the things they suppose is lawlessness – lawless aggression, the worse kind of policy. McCain, again I say, is a disgrace.

So, now, what do you think about Putin's assessment of McCain? He feels that McCain has little knowledge of Russia. Do you think that's correct?

Oh, absolutely. McCain has little knowledge of America, let alone Russia. Again, I mean, this guy, you read the comments that he makes – occasionally, he'll write something – every member of Congress has a web page, so they put up information on it – it couldn't be own comments, and you read some of the stuff that he writes, I mean, he is a guy who sounds like someone who just can't shoot straight, it is only talking about the Times, he literally gets things upside down.

So, how's the press been commenting? We hear you opinion, you are very welcome about what you think, but what is the press in the US, for the most part, saying, obviously, I can legend that the New York Times had something to say about this, perhaps? No?

What do they have to say about Vladimir Putin?

About this exchange, either about Putin's op-ed or McCain's op-ed, that was kind of a response to Putin's op-ed?

Well, I wrote a little bit about how they responded to Vladimir Putin, they were not very flattering, but that's to be expected. I mean, they have literally bitten up on Putin in his first term, in his previous term as President. He succeeded Yeltsin in 1999, as I recall. And he was reelected last time in May of 2012, and they literally bit up on him non-stop. I mean, the comments that he makes, and the policy that he supports are so level-headed, so sensible. And of course, what he does about Syria, which is one of the main offences that the US media has against him. Russia has vetoed 3 times the Security Council's resolutions, or Russia and China have done, this prevented a war that would really destroy Syria, this is a very responsible action, he would simply not give America, and NATO allies, and Israel and Arab State partners a platform to aggressive war against the Syrian people. Any responsible leader should do the same thing, but the US media bit up on him, because he's taken this courageous stand.

Did they actually criticize his op-ed or his stand on Syria, or his general political record in Russia? What was the critic about specifically, I'm just wondering, because I mean, I think that McCain has been criticized for his op-ed in general, people had been saying: he got this wrong, he kind have put it in the wrong place, but do they say about Putin's op-ed?

Well, they criticize the op-ed specifically, the things he said in it, but all alone, the previous to his last reelection, I won't call this last reelection illegitimate, he won overwhelmingly, as I recall, it was something like about 63% of the vote, I mean, a US president would kill to pick 53% of the vote, let alone 63%. But they bit up on him endlessly in general, they call him a strong man, a dictator, things like that, but this is absolute absurdities. I'm not certain that any elections are set perfect, the most perfect, maybe, in Venezuela, we had international monitors, one elections after another, and even Jimmy Carter said Venezuela has the world's most perfect electoral process, but even these elections are not 100% perfect, but Russia's elections, compared to America's, America has a shame of elections, Russia has a legitimate elections, legitimate parliamentary elections, I wish America had something like that. Before the November elections in America last year, I wrote an article saying “Vote independence stays home”, because voting column B over column A means getting the same thing. Column B and column A are the same things. One party is the same as another. There's not a dime's worth difference between Democrats and Republicans. They are belligerent, they want war, they are on the wrong side in the most important policies, they pass police-state laws in America that have caused so much harm to so many people – and they complain about Russia. Of course, the Snowden affair. They've really bitten up on Putin because of the Snowden affair, and again, something else. But Putin has been doing very responsible things.

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