24 August 2013, 17:22

MAKS-2013 air show program beyond competition – expert

самолет ил-76

The “AviaPort” agency’s analytical service head Oleg Panteleev has granted an interview to the Voice of Russia to elaborate on the latest of the Russian aerospace industry to be displayed at the forthcoming MAKS-2013 air show, just what pilots will do for the visitors to be taken aback and what the visitors will be advised to make their presence at the show most useful.

VoR: First of all, I’d like to know just how MAKS is different from Le Bourget, the Berlin air show and the Farnborough air show in the UK. How will MAKS-2013 differ from air shows in previous years?

Panteleev: Well, I must admit that at first the differences were enormous, they caught the eye. But the gap was bridged year by year, so by now MAKS has almost reached the world standard in terms of organization.

Now, if we compare MAKS with this year’s Le Bourget anniversary show, which attracted 44 countries, we will see that we’re only conventionally lagging behind, for this year’s MAKS will boast company officials from 43 countries. But, of course, we are still behind in terms of overall number of attending companies.

MAKS basically differs from a host of other international aerospace shows in its extremely colourful and rich flight program. From this point of view MAKS is clearly the air show No. 1. No one is anywhere near us in terms of the number of aerobatic teams or the rich flight program.

VoR: Just what will be the highlight of the program of MAKS-2013?

Panteleev: I believe there’ll be quite a few of these kinds of exhibits, even if some of them are not really different from what was shown before in terms of appearance. For instance, you will see for the first time a highly upgraded Il-76MD-90A.

Outwardly, it’s a good old Il-76, yet now that it’s been upgraded it boasts unique performance characteristics, as well as a good export capacity.

Russia will also display the Sukhoi Superjet-100, certainly not for the first time, but although perfectly the same as previously produced Superjets-100, this year’s aircraft has a 50% greater range than that of the base version.

Helicopter-makers will also exhibit some very interesting novelties. We’ll see two helicopters that are due to undergo ground tests right after the MAKS air show, and will make their first flights in October or November. One aircraft is the Ka-62 helicopter with a new engine.

The other helicopter is Mi-38, powered by Russian-made engines. Mi-38 will not take part in the flight program, but is due to begin its test flights this autumn. The visitors will also see the Mi-28 training and combat helicopter.

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