12 August 2013, 21:36

‘Many in the US believe Obama has no backbone in foreign policy’ – expert

Барак Обама g8 саммит северная ирландия

As US President Barack Obama announces will not meet Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit, to be held in Saint Petersburg in September, Vladimir Slatinov, an expert from the Humanitarian and Political Research Institute, says in an interview to the Voice of Russia that he believes there are other reasons behind Obama’s decision.

US President Barack Obama refused to meet Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in the course of the G20 summit and decided to take a pause in the Russia-US bilateral relations because of the pressure from “hawks” in the Senate and Congress, believe Russian experts.

Barack Obama decided to take a pause not because of the bad relationships with Vladimir Putin as it was said before, but because of all the pressure put on Obama by supporters of the use of force in political relationships, Vladimir Slatinov, an expert from the Humanitarian and Political Research Institute believes.

“According to the public opinion in the US, Obama is too soft in his politics. US neo-Conservatives and those who are in opposition to the incumbent president have been saying for a long time Obama has no backbone in the US foreign policy. The Snowden affair was the final straw which attracted widespread criticism of the US president, so he couldn’t just ignore the pressure,” Slatinov said.

"The refusal to meet the Russian president is a tactical trick," Ivan Safranchuk, Deputy Head of the Current International Problems Institute of the Diplomatic Academy, thinks.

According to him, Obama will try to present this move as a sign of political stiffness in relations with the Kremlin, meanwhile his decision to come to Russia for the G20 summit anyway will be presented as flexibility.

This point of view is confirmed by the fact that a meeting between the US and Russian leaders is rather postponed than cancelled at all.

Thus, there is a possibility that when all the fuss around Edward Snowden dies down, Obama might meet Putin.

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