8 August 2013, 00:04

Moscow disappointed once again by Washington

обама путин Владимир Путин барак обама

US President Barrack Obama has decided to cancel what were hoped by the Russian side to have been productive and constructive one to one talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, both here in Moscow and in Saint Petersburg on the sidelines of the G-20 Summit.

Official Moscow is disappointed by the decision by Washington to cancel Obama’s visit said Russian Presidential Aide Yury Ushakov.

Of course this is not the first time that Moscow has been disappointed by the largely unilateral self-serving decisions of Washington. Such snubs have been almost par-for-the-course since the end of the Cold War with such moves by Washington on almost every level.

Snubs from US have been hundreds including such loud events as the denial to Russia of allowing it to play the peacekeeping role it was promised in Kosovo, the support of Georgia and ensuing demonization of Russia with regard to South Ossetia, real cooperation on missile defense as the United States surrounds Russia with missiles that could be turned into first strike weapons with the flick of a switch, cases of Russian nationals renditioned to the United States from third countries to stand show trials, denial of protections for Russian orphans, the fabricated reasons for making a "Magnitsky List" to replace Jackson Vannick, the granting of asylum and the support of Chechen terrorists and police killers, the funding of, and attempted subversion of the Russian state and the creation of a "Color Revolution", the use of NGO to interfere with the political internal political processes of Russia, the aggressive attempted and continuing attempts at the recruitment of members of the special services and the law enforcement bodies, the constant demonization of Russia in the western media and the non-stop degrading statements and threats by American politicians and officials, and sadly the list goes on and on.

"We are disappointed with the decision of the US administration to cancel President Obama's visit to Moscow, which was planned for early September," Ushakov said speaking to reporters on Wednesday.

The Kremlin has characterized the cancellation of Obama's visit as an indication that the US is unprepared to build a relationship with Russia on an equal footing.

"This problem testifies to the remaining unpreparedness of the United States to build an equal relationship," he stated adding that Obama's decision relates to the situation surrounding the situation of Edward Snowden, which he underlined is not Russia's fault.

Of course the United States does not want to build partnerships with nations on an equal basis, this is and has been obvious to anyone who has observed the behavior of the United States for the last several decades and this more clear than ever with Russia. A country which is much larger and for all intents and purposes is in far better economic and social condition than the United States of America.

This is a fact that is becoming clearer by the day as Russia shakes off the instability and historic changes that occurred after the collapse of the USSR and the Soviet State.

Russia has been forging alliances and increasing cooperation worldwide, with countries of all political and ideological leanings, in particular with those who are fed up with U.S. imperialist dictatorial polices and the way it snubs its nose at international law and conventions and shows complete disregard for the sovereignty of nations.

The United States, unlike Russia which approaches all countries, great and small with respect and dignity, is the undisputed world champion is treading over the rights and the sovereignty of all nations and people’s the world over, perpetually dictating to the world on how it should behave and who it should befriend and what it should provide to the world’s sole self-declared "super power".

The Kremlin aide also stressed that the invitation for Obama to visit Moscow remains open. Once again underlining the fact Russia has steadfastly maintained an open door to the United States and has always been open for partnership and good relations on an equal level.

"The president of the United States was and remains invited to make a visit to Russia," Ushakov said, and "Russia is ready to work with American partners on all items of our bilateral and multilateral agendas."

Leaving the door open has been the Russian stance on everything from Syria to the American’s ABM system, but surely there will have to come a day when that door will have to be closed securely, that is my own opinion, but there is a point when disregard and disrespect will reach and unforgiveable level, as was the case with the recent treatment of the Russian flag by some idiot American rock group in Ukraine.

Some American politicians are now questioning the mental state of the Obama, even calling his behavior schizophrenic with regard to al-Qaeda and the supposed credible threats of al-Qaeda attacking somewhere in the world in the next few weeks. I could tell you the same thing, al-Qaeda will attack somewhere in the world in the next few days, that is now a given like the sun coming up and going down. The claim, according to many is a distraction from the fact that Edward Snowden has revealed the true depth of the American Government’s complete disregard for the rights of the American populace and the world community and it seems that for Obama, the case of Edward Snowden has become a sick and twisted obsession.

Russia was operating under international laws and conventions and following its own laws and its own Constitution when it came to giving Edward Snowden asylum and it was in fact the US’s own idiocy that let him get away in the first place and caused him to be trapped in Sheremetyevo and left stateless in the second.

The insanity with which Obama has gone after Snowden and even caused the interference of the flight of the president of a sovereign nation, points to a leader that has gone beyond reason and been corrupted beyond any acceptable scope. Perhaps the Imperial Presidency of Obama and his self delegated right to order extra-judicial executions as well as the now almost uncontested "right" of the United States to expand militarily and commit acts of aggressive war and detain and execute whoever they wish at will has truly begun to cause the collapse of the Western Civilization and its leaders to have lost all touch with reality?

Like the school house bully being confronted by a kid who refuses to give up his lunch money and then becoming completely obsessed, the United States has threatened Russia in any way it can to get Russia to ignore international law and its own Constitution and to just hand Edward Snowden over, not extradite as the US Ambassador tried to tell the Russian Government.

Of course for the President of the Russian Federation and other leaders to abide by international law and their own Constitutions is something the US has difficulty understanding but it is what makes the world a civilized place and what sets us apart from anarchy.

Attempts by the United States to pressure Russia into compliance with their policies through the use of economic instruments and measures would not receive any significant level of international support either and even if the US decides to cut off all trade between Russia and the US the insignificant trade turnover of approximately 40 billion dollars a year would have little effect on Russia’s economy as the country is currently maintaining a global trade turnover with positive trends at a level approaching 900 billion dollars per annum.

The US needs Russia more than Russia needs the US in Afghanistan, Iran, the Middle East, Syria, North Korea and in other areas and countries and Russia has always been willing to cooperate, but I would dare say that there has to be a point when that willingness will dry up.

Obama’s recent comments about Russia behaving in a Cold War manner seems ludicrous to anyone who has been following world events even casually for the last decade or so, as did the recent hollow guarantees by Eric Holder that Edward Snowden would not be tortured, but it shows the complete arrogance and disconnect with reality that Obama is living with and the complete lack of regard the US has for the intelligence of the world’s populace.

Perhaps Americans live in a Mickey Mouse fantasy world where everything that happens around the world is dictated to them to them by the Ministry of Truth, that Russia is a Cold War menace and that there is an al-Qaeda terrorist behind every street post, and such comments as Obama made, not to a respected intellectual forum, but to a comedy show, are actually believed. However such comments as portraying Russia as maintaining a Cold War mentality could be nowhere further from the truth.

It is in fact the US and the West that has maintained the Cold War stance evidenced by the expansion and the continued existence of NATO and it is the United States who has mounted a war to hide their own illegitimacy and illegality against journalists and whistleblowers and has forced the world to protect these individuals the best they can.

For me it is the height of insanity to have such a country preach to the world on "Democracy and Freedom" and in all honesty Obama should have been grateful at the graciousness and respect and intelligence and forward thinking of President Vladimir Putin in agreeing to speak with him at all, especially after the recent insults to Russia by the United States due to the Snowden affair.

That the respected and intelligent leader of the largest country in the world would grant an audience to the leader of the country in the world with the biggest guns and who continues to run roughshod over the international community is something that they in the US should be grateful for. But of course they are living in their Mickey Mouse, Faux News, Guantanamo is good, Ministry of Truth fantasy world and do not see the reality of US policy.

The opinions and views expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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