3 August 2013, 19:46

US, Germany and UK fear al-Qaeda revenge and close embassies

Аль-Каида терроризм оружие террористическая организация

The US, Germany and Great Britain close their embassies and councils in several countries in the Middle East and North Africa for a few days as the measure against the threat of an al-Qaeda attack.

US President Barack Obama ordered to take measures after a message that al-Qaeda is planning to launch a series of terrorist attacks. US secret services warned that the terrorist organization is preparing an attack on one of its embassies in Muslim countries. It was decided that several embassies and councils could be closed on Sunday, August 4, and the following days.

The US authorities have enough reasons to worry. Attacks on US diplomatic missions occurred more than once. The last case happened in Bengazi, Libya, September last year.

Back then, infuriated radical Islamists stormed the US council building resulted in three US ambassadors and three employees’ death. Anti-American sentiment in Muslim countries hasn’t subsided, a political scientist, Alexei Martinov asserts.

“It’s obvious, that countries which either a subject to the expected US aggression, like Iran, or countries where the US provide so-called insurgents with assistance, like in Syria, hare both the US and western countries. The Muslim countries of North Africa also show negative attitudes towards the US and its foreign policy, as well as towards many western countries. They still have a clear picture of Libya’s destruction and now they see infinite clashed in Egypt and other countries,” Martinov said.

Following the US, Germany and the US reported they would suspend the work of several diplomatic missions in Muslim countries. UK Foreign Office said that they are especially concerned for security in the last days of Ramadan when the escalation of tension is expected.

These apprehensions are not groundless, Alexandr Shumilin, an expert from the Institute of the USA and Canada of the Russian Academy of Sciences, thinks.

“Ramadan is going to end soon in Muslim countries. It’s a holy month which encourages Muslims to live in peace. It’s a time to stay calm and keep away from sins. In the past, there were no violent actions during this month, but this tradition seems to have ended. The Night of Power – one of the most important nights of Ramadan – draws nearer. It falls on Sunday and this is the reason for worries,” Shumilin said.

The US authorities also warned their citizens to avoid any trip abroad which is unprecedented as such recommendations are usually applied to certain countries. According to US secret services’ data, an increased risk of terrorist attacks will last until the end of August.

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