1 August 2013, 17:52

Controversial hijabs spark intense reactions from Muslims

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Modesty is said to be the best policy when covering up with a hijab but the fashion industry is not paying attention. Perhaps pushing the limits are headscarves with South Park characters on one and spikes coming out of another. One wearer of hijabs said that ‘it is defying the objective of being modest’ while another religious expert told the Voice of Russia differently about how society may slowly be changing the hijab.

Islam, with 1.6 billion adherents worldwide, and one million of those Muslim women living in the US, the hijab is becoming an everyday clothing accessory for the 43 percent in the US who wear the garment. Nowadays though, many young people in the Islamic community want to express their identity through the outfits they wear, and the two hijabs which are being marketed, are definitely one of a kind. South Park characters are scattered over the one hijab, while spikes dart out of the other kind.

The question remains, are these hijab styles really what women want to wear? “No, personally, I would not, for two reasons, one being we shouldn`t wear anything with eyes on it and secondly, the hijab should not attract too much attention to yourself and you should remain modest, which is clearly defying the objective through the spiked hijab,” Nilo B., blogger and hijab wearer of two years said. Even though one person does not like the concept of an eccentriclooking hijab, does not mean others would feel the same.

An expert in Islamic culture and traditions though gives his advice on the two new trends in the hijab fashion world. He advises that women or anyone else be conscious of their actions and the symbolism they are adapting to. To drive his point home, he gives a concrete example of what he means.

“If someone wears a swastika without knowing what it stands for, thinking it is just a cool design, it would be ignorant,” Mohammed Abdul Aleem CEO of IslamiCity said.

For one, cartoon characters shouldn’t be worn on the hijab itself, however the South Park headscarf has dozens of faces scattered across it as a design. “In some cases the South Park hijab may also be considered offensive. It would be like going to a funeral service wearing a South Park design tie,” Mohammed Abdul Aleem explained to the Voice of Russia.

The other scarf that covers the hair is thought to be the most unsettling to Nilo B. “It is defying the objective of being modest,” Nilo B. said about the spiked hijab and then continued on, “I do think the spiked hijab is by far the tackiest. It draws unnecessary attention to yourself and this isn`t what the hijab is about.” Though opposing views prevail as Mohammed Abdul Aleem said that if someone were going to a rock concert wearing a spiked hijab, he guesses that would be considered fine or even cool, but not wearing it in a mosque.

Yet, the hijabs, which are thought to be controversial, are not welcome in Islam, as the primary goal in the Quran is to promote modesty. Though, as clothing trends overtake the fashion industry, some may forget the oath of staying modest. “Unfortunately this aspect of the hijab is getting lost in fashion or political statements. In Islam actions are based on intentions,” Mohammed Abdul Aleem commented to the Voice of Russia.

Although these are only two hijab styles out of the possible millions that exist, there is no telling what future fashion designers will create to rock the Islamic fashion world. People who are not even Muslim may decide to wear these radical hijabs as a fashion symbol and nothing more. “You will come across hijabi’s trying to set new trends…some will be a hit and some with fail (for example, the spiked hijab),” commented Nilo B. about the possible trends. Whether it is a traditional style or radical, the appearance of the hijab may change over time, but all we can hope for is that the message stays the same.

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