22 July 2013, 16:14

Royal birth invokes frenzy amongst British

While the world is waiting for Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal baby to be delivered, plenty of British royal fans are keeping watch outside of London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. The Voice of Russia has spoken with a few anxious royal baby watchers about why they are there and what they are awaiting.

Can you introduce yourself?

My name is John Loughrey. And I'm from London.

How long have you been camping down here?

I've been camping down there for seven days.

Is this your first royal event?

Oh no, I've been to many of them. I've also been to Kate's and William's wedding at Westminster Abbey.

Why are you coming to all of these royal events?

Because I'm a huge royalist inspired by my mother. She loved the royal so much! I followed her footsteps. The gene must be inside me.

What do the royal family mean to you?

It means ever so much to me and I think to the whole Commonwealth. They bring in happiness and joy by meeting its subjects. They've been with us for 1500 years and they do a great community to this country.

Some people might think, sleeping on the ground outside the Lindo Wing is a little bit crazy, why do you do it?

Some people would say it's bonkers. But sometimes it's good to be bonkers, because it shows the great British spirit. No one can beat the British for this. We're known for centuries for being eccentric. That's in our blood. We're super-eccentric and bonkers. And it's envious, because it's in our blood. You only have it here, in Britain.

You've been following the royal family for a very long time. What do you think is it a boy or a girl?

I'd like it to be girl and I think William would like it to be girl, because he's like mother. You can feel it in his expression that William would love a girl. And I hope it does happen. I really do. It would be magical for William to be a father for the first time, and with a girl it'd be great – and give it the middle name of Diane and maybe to call it Elizabeth after the Queen, who's 60 years on the throne. The Queen must be so excited to see this! This is history. This is unique. This is an incredible story. I'm so excited!

And nurses have been so kind, they let me have a shower and gave me porridge. I can't believe it! I will never forget this. I also spoke to patients at night, some of them had no legs, no limbs. We talked about being royalists and that no man knows what pain women go though, only women know. That's why women call us babies. It's true. We are babies.

I'll rush down to the Buckingham Palace so that I could get the notice of the birth. I can't wait!


Another royal-fan Terry Hutt also shared his thoughts and emotions with the VoR correspondent.

Terry, how long have you been camped down here for?

Too long really. I've been there 12 days.

And why do you do it?

My wife tells me I'm mad, but still I do it, because I love the royals.

What do they mean to you?

They play an important part of my life. When I was a soldier, I fell in love with king and queen – that was Queen Elizabeth. We met during the war. We were in the blitz and the king and queen were going to leave the country at that time. And because they were going to leave the country, everybody went mad and they decided to come back and never leave. They said, “We're here to reassure you that we're not leaving.”

What about Kate and William? What do they mean to you?

I've around long enough to see all of them being born, including Prince Charles. These two are special. They remind of me falling in love with my wife. What makes it different for them is they've changed everything overnight, it's just like Diane. We now look at Kate, we used to look at Diane. And Diane left something really nice behind – her two children. To me it's wonderful. And with Kate and Willian this baby will actually make a big difference.

You say, you've been following the royal family for a very long time. What have been your highlights so far of royal events?

Every event is special. I never pick and choose and praise anyone. I'm always there for everybody.

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