6 June 2013, 13:52

Accused gold thieves in Ghana are Chinese citizens

Gold mines in Ghana are where Chinese citizens are being of accused of illegally mining for the precious metal. Authorities have taken all 124 of them into custody and it has been said that many of the alleged crooks have a high chance of deportation.

Ghana has prohibited aliens from working in small mines since the 80s. Many people in the area though have blamed Chinese miners for taking their jobs, making their lakes and rivers dirty, and using weapons to keep robbers away.

Yu Jie, the spokesperson for China's embassy in Ghana, warned Chinese citizens living there to "strictly abide by the related laws and regulations", China’s state newswire Xinhua reported. Yu encouraged Ghana to enforce "strong discipline" with their laws. Diplomats are being sent from China to Ghana to visit those under suspicion of mining for gold.

Voice of Russia, The Guardian


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