21 May 2013, 19:26

As Nashua, NH, residents witness armored vehicles patrolling the streets of their usually peaceful town, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert reports getting numerous phone calls from West Virginia, Florida, and Georgia regarding military transport jets landing in numerous cities across the country. Is America preparing for a military operation within its borders?

Today, the New Hampshire Tea Party Coalition released the photos of an armored vehicle and the accompanying helmeted personnel riding with them in an area of Nashua. Judging by the stamp on the photos, these were taken late Friday morning, May 17, by the city resident who the NHTPC claim to know personally.

NHTPS also reported a local resident calling the Nashua Police Department to get some answers as to who these individuals were and why they were roaming the streets in this armored tank-like vehicle. The concerned citizen did not get any conclusive answers to his questions.

In the meanwhile, blogger Pamela Rae Schuffert claims she was getting numerous calls from West Virginia, Jacksonville, and Camp Atterbury regarding unusually heavy air-traffic in those regions. People reported seeing huge military transport jets landing in military bases all over the country.

“Just had a phone call from a man in Jacksonville Florida who lives right on the flight path of the Naval Air station there who advised that starting early yesterday morning there has been a constant flow of huge unmarked military transport planes landing non-stop since. He thinks they’re C130′s and C17′s. He said he’s never in all the years there seen more than a dozen per day. These jets are silver and plain, no tail markings”, writes Schuffert in her blog.

”I had several high level militia members call me with Intel which confirmed on UN soldiers being flown into Indiana on 130’s and C17’s, being issued US army name tapes and ranks, and being put under order of DHS on top of that multiple armed swat raids being led by IRS in Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Georgia,” she continues.

Schuffert also adds that when soldiers ask their military command about incoming flights, they are told “you did not see what you thought you saw”.

At this point, one might only wonder why the US flies in foreign troops and puts heavily armored vehicles on the streets without making any formal announcements on the issue. Are these developments a part of US police militarization campaign or does US prepare for a civil war? Schuffert suggests foreign troops and armored vehicles can soon be used under martial law in the US.

“The reason is,” she writes, “that under martial law, the foreign troops will perform the dirty work that US troops don’t really want to do against their fellow Americans.”

Armored vehicles in American cities part of police militarization plan - expert

Sergey Denisentsev, expert from the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, gave the Voice of Russia his exclusive comment on the issue of frequent military machinery sightings in American cities. The expert suggested heavily-armored vehicles play a significant role in Obama’s police militarization campaign which, in itself, is the President’s response to recent terrorist attacks in the US.

American machines are not the military equipment, these are police cars. There is a company “Lenko” which is currently developing armored vehicles for the US police, and, in particular, for American special law-enforcement unit commonly known as SWAT. It was around two years ago when the US first purchased this kind of police equipment from Contractors. Presently, these vehicles are being used as a part of police militarization campaign in most American states.

More generally, I can say that the use of this kind of heavily-armored machines is Obama administration’s response to the most recent events: terrorist attacks, mass shootings, and so on. In this sense, these armored vehicles should also be seen a significant psychological signpost which shows that the US police force still have technical and organizational superiority over any terrorist organizations and ‘lone wolves’. In other words, for now, these machines have a profound value for American population in that they provide US citizens with moral and psychological support.

Sergey, and in what circumstances are these vehicles used? They are heavily-armored, so should we suppose these will be used during violent riots or terrorist attacks?

In general these machines will be used in emergency situations and during social unrest. These situations might include terrorist attacks, and even natural disasters if they are followed by violent riots. So, yes, these vehicles will be used to quell the unrest.

It seems these machines are new, so have they been created only recently?

Yes, these vehicles are relatively new. These are “Lenko’s” armored machines. These were developed in the mid-2000s and became widely available in the weapons market in 2011-2012.

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