17 May 2013, 15:12

Fogle's detention became public because CIA 'crossed the line' - FSB

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Back in October 2011, Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) issued an official warning to CIA Chief in Moscow Steven Hall. The note of caution said that if provocative recruitment actions on the part of Hall's agency toward FSB's employees continued the FSB would have to reciprocate. With Ryan Fogle's operations in Moscow the CIA 'crossed the line' and FSB made the profound failure of American intelligence public. 

Before May 13 when Ryan Fogle was detained by the FSB officer, Russian intelligence continuously attempted to establish a stable, if not peaceful, relationship with its American colleagues. The FSB continued this attempts even amid the numerous spy scandals between the US and Russia over the past few years.

So, even when in December 2012 the CIA officer Benjamin Dillon, who worked undercover as the third secretary in the economic department of US Embassy in Moscow, tried to recruit one of FSB agents, Russia's Security Service refrained from any public announcements. In a rather counrteous manner, the spy was declared a 'persona non grata' on January 11, 2013 and within the next four days Mr Dillon quietly left Russia. 

Back then, Russian secret services had hoped that the deportation of its agent will somehow affect the CIA operations in Russia and, thus, FSB did not make the case public, explained anonymous FSB representative in one of his recent interviews to the Western press. In such sensitive situations, the FSB always prefers to remain quiet and refrains from placing its overseas colleagues in an uncomfortable position, the officer continued. 

However, the "audacity" with which Ryan Fogle acted forced FSB to take reciprocal actions towards its American colleagues. "In this case,  the CIA's Fogle crossed the line and we had to respond accordingly" - confirmed FSB spokesman.

As a result, FSB not only made a decision to make the details of Fogle's arrest public, but also decided to pass the photos and the video from the scene to the media.

In this sense, it seems that with Fogle case Russian intelligence have simply had enough of CIA's professional disrespect.

FSB warned CIA station against 'provocative recruitment actions' back in 2011

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) has officially confirmed that it cautioned the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief in Moscow against further attempts to recruit officers of Russian special services.

"In October 2011, the FSB issued an official warning to the CIA station chief in Moscow that if provocative recruitment actions continued in relation to officers of Russian special services, Russia's FSB would take "mirror" measures in relation to CIA officers," an FSB spokesman said.

"In this statement, the FSB gave the surnames of concrete Russian citizens whom CIA operatives had tried to approach, as well as information about these CIA operatives," he said.

Director of U.S. National Intelligence James Clapper was notified of the situation as well.

It was reported earlier that Russia's Federal Security Service detained Ryan Christopher Fogle, a CIA operative, in the act of recruiting an officer of a Russian special service early on May 14. Fogle worked in Moscow as third secretary of the U.S. Embassy Political Department.

Voice of Russia, Interfax

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