13 May 2013, 22:50

Situation in Syria worsening

Пресс-секретарь президент Дмитрий Песков Большая пресс-конференция
Dmitry Peskov
Dmitry Peskov

The situation in Syria has a tendency towards worsening, and this is an object of concern for Russia, press secretary of the Russian head of state Dmitry Peskov told newsmen Monday.

Peskov finds it somewhat premature to speak about the participation of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin in the planned international conference on the settlement of the situation in Syria and says that everything will depend on the format of this event.

Last week Moscow and Washington came up with a joint initiative to hold an international conference on Syria on the platform of the Geneva Communique, so that the Syrian authorities and the opposition would be able to begin the talks. Peskov confirmed that the situation around Syria would feature prominently at a meeting between President Putin and Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, May 14th.

Besides, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon will also discuss Syria settlement in Moscow on May 16th-19th, with due regard for Russia’s important role in international affairs.

Voice of Russia, TASS

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