6 May 2013, 18:06

Israel, the West and anti-Alawite Muslims joined against Bashar Al-Assad

Израиль армия танк солдат на границе с Сирией Сирия Израиль

The attacks on Syria by Israel are an open act of war and aggression against Syria and the free world. Despite claiming their aggressive attack was “preventive” in nature, a concept first used by the Nazis, the unprovoked attack on Syria was a clear act of aggressive war and the Jewish state has now crossed the line and committed a crime against humanity. Will the Muslim world stand by as Israel attacks its Muslim brothers? With the US acting as the protector of Israel perhaps it does not matter, perhaps Muslim backlash is exactly what the geopolitical chess players in Washington are planning on. The possibility that the conflict expands to a global level grow on an hourly basis.

Experts and analysts around the world have been stating for years that the US and its Western allies have plans which call for invasions and forceful regime changes, not only around the world but in particular, Syria and the Islamic Republic of Iran. Independent experts, academics, diplomats, politicians, investigative journalists, political commentators and analysts almost all agree that the U.S. has been looking for and trying to create a pretext for invading these countries for close to five years now.

Despite the fact that almost every move that the US makes and every new pretext is shown to be based on error or all out lies, the US continues to attempt to bring about a regime change in both countries or a pretext for launching an invasion. Almost every lie that was used to invade the former Yugoslavia, Serbia, Afghanistan, Iraq and then Libya have been used with regard to Iran and Syria but the world community has for the most part seen through them and because of this the US has been hesitant to unilaterally invade these two countries.

I have said many times before that the US will do anything, including aggressively invading countries, exploiting and using allies and backing any group that is convenient to attain its geopolitical goals. This is a matter of historical fact and is clear to anyone who has followed the events of the last century with an independent and critical eye. This should be clear to Israel as well and Israel should be alarmed for in Israel the US has found the perfect surrogate for bringing about an invasion of both Iran and Syria.

The geopolitical architects of the remapping and recreation of the Middle East must know that once they invade Syria they will have little credibility left to move on to Iran and North Korea and the pretexts used there will no longer be believed. The world may even rise up and demand an end to the aggressive invader that many believe is taking over the entire planet.

Israel is the perfect surrogate for the US and the Jewish people are the perfect aggressor, in particular for launching a “preventive invasion” or “preventive air strikes” and using the security and safety of Israel as the perfect pretext. Israel may be surrounded by Islamic countries and neighbors that it does not get along with at all, it may even have been threatened and the like, but this does not change the very simple fact that “preventive” invasions and acts of war are still acts of aggression and aggressive war is illegal under international law and is considered a crime against humanity.

The recent airstrikes by Israel on Damascus are crimes against humanity and acts of aggressive war because there is no concept in international law for “preventive” invasions or “preventive” aggression. It is important to recall that this was the strategy used by the Nazis at the beginning of the Great Patriotc War (World War II) and is a road that the US has followed the Nazis down.

The US has manipulated and used every form of Islamic terrorist and mercenary in its “secret” war against Bashar Al-Assad, and now it has used Israel, one of the most vulnerable countries in the world, to advance it agenda for Syria. I say Israel is vulnerable because it is surrounded by Islamic countries and even though the Israelis and Mossad believe the US will defend it no matter what, will they be able to escape unscathed if the entire Muslim world wakes up and asks; “What is really going on here?” Will the Muslim world really stand by as the Jewish states bombs and kills its Muslim brothers?

Apparently the Western geopolitical planners and Israel are counting on the fact that the Sunni, the Shia, the Alawites, the Wahabi, and all of the followers of other forms of Islam hate each other enough and in the particular, other groups hate the Shia and the Alawites enough to allow the Jewish state to invade its Muslim brothers.

The mix in Syria is complex and now having the Jewish state joining the fray seems very odd indeed. Will the Sunnis back Israel in bombing and murdering the Alawite Syrians. Apparently the answer to that, so far, is yes. Perhaps Israel has not only made deals with the United States but with Sunni run governments around it?

Although Israel claims its airstrikes were targeting Iranian missiles meant for Hezbollah, this has proven to be a lie. As were the recent chemical weapons claims made against the Syrian government and every pretext the US has used in its aggressive invasions in the past from Srebrenica to Iraq’s supposed chemical weapons to all of the recent pretexts used against Syria.

Israel did not only target missiles, as if Syria does not have the right to have missiles in the first place. It targeted the presidential guards, it targeted research installations and it killed over 300 Syrian soldiers. That my friend, no matter how you want to look at it is an open and aggressive act of war.

Will Israel get away with it? Will Syria assert its right to defend itself and strike back? Will the Muslim world stand by and watch the Jewish state bombs its Muslim neighbor?

We have been predicting that the US and its allies are planning to invade Syria and Iran for years, could it be that even with foreknowledge of an aggressive invasion there is nothing the world can do to stop it? Time will tell but apparently that seems to be the case and explains why the US has never called for a peaceful resolution to Syria’s internal problem.

As president Assad recently said, “… the terrorists are cowards”, but apparently these terrorists attacking Syria are now allied with Israel, or Israel is allied with them, and all are backed by the West. I think he was right, who else would launch missiles on sleeping soldiers? And if you are wondering what did the former dentist do to America to warrant a death sentence, well that is simple, he failed to be dictated to by America, that was his only “sin”.

The opinions and views expressed above are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru

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