4 May 2013, 15:17

US probe ‘rules out’ negligence in Russian orphan death

Максим Кузьмин усыновление США смерть убийство дети
Maxim Kuzmin
Maxim Kuzmin

A US investigation into the death of Max Shatto, born Maksim Kuzmin, found no wrongdoing on the part of the three-year-old Russian orphan’s adoptive America parents, media report.

Investigators believe that the boy’s death was result of an accident rather than negligence or mistreatment in the family, reports ITAR-TASS. The agency was citing Olga Tarasova, an activist from the US-Russian Civil Society Institute, an NGO working closely with the Russian community in the United States. The probe was conducted in tandem by the local sheriff’s office and social security service.

Apparently the US authorities will now resist Russia’s effort to retrieve Maksim’s two-year-old brother Kirill, who remains in the custody of the Shatto family.

Russian side requests more information from U.S. on probe into Maxim Kuzmin’s death

Russian law enforcement officials have again asked the U.S. for information on the investigation into the death of three-year old Maxim Kuzmin. This was reported by the Russian Foreign Ministry human rights ombudsman Konstantin Dolgov.

According to him, the information previously received from the American side is not sufficient. The Russian delegation composed of experts from the Ministry of Education, the General Prosecutor's Office and Investigative Committee met on Wednesday with representatives of the State Department and the U.S. Department of Justice.

Russian officials appealed to the American authorities urging them to provide all necessary information to enable the Investigative Committee and General Prosecutor’s Office to draw their own conclusions regarding the reasons for the child’s death.

Russia also offered the U.S. to begin consultations regarding the future of the deceased boy's brother - Kirill, yet the American side has not yet offered its consent.

Maxim Kuzmin's adoptive mother tried to save him from choking fit by beating - Russian MP

On Thursday, the head of the Russian State Duma's International Affairs Committee commented on preliminary results of the US’ investigation into the death of Russian boy Maxim Kuzmin. The results were handed by the US side to Russia earlier this year.

Alexei Pushkov quoted US investigators as saying that Maxim Kuzmin died after his US adoptive mother, Laura Shatto, beat him in an attempt to save him from a choking fit.

The family states that Maxim stopped taking the prescribed anti-psychotic medication Risperidone three days before he died, after they learned about side effects that could have affected the boy’s ability to swallow food.

Laura Shatto also described the moment when she found Maxim unconscious and likely already dead. According to the report, she went to the boy, grabbed him and shook vigorously while calling his name. After that, she grabbed th child by the neck with both hands even harder, until blood bubbles started coming out of his mouth, which she believed was bleeding from a previous lip injury.

Russian MP said that perhaps US adoptive parents did not aim to kill the child, but those methods could lead to the rupture of internals.

Russia wants more thorough investigation of Russian boy’s death in US

Russia is dissatisfied with the refusal of US authorities to hold a more thorough investigation into the death of Maxim Kuzmin, a 3-year-old Russian boy who has been adopted by a US woman.

Initially, Maxim’s adoptive mother was suspected of having beaten him to death. But the investigation’s final verdict was that the boy allegedly cut himself to death while playing. However, Russia doubts this. It is more inclined to the initial version that the boy died because he was beaten by his adoptive mother.

The Russian Foreign Ministry’s human rights director Konstantin Dolgov says: “Even if the boy really cut himself while playing, this probably was because his adoptive mother had abandoned him at that moment. Negligence for a child is also a crime.”

Mr. Dolgov does not rule out that Russia may start its own investigation of this case.

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