30 April 2013, 09:18

CIA fueling corruption and war in Afghanistan: Karzai’s millions

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The violence and instability in the Middle East is getting worse as summer approaches, it is being fueled by Shiite - Sunni strife, regional animosity, civil war, shattered economies, rising Islamic fundamentalism, the ongoing conflict in Syria, Israeli moves against it neighbors, the instability in post invasion Libya and Iraq, and US military expansion. It is no coincidence that right in the middle of almost every single Middle Eastern conflict is the CIA, with suitcases of money for Karzai, money for Al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria, money for NGOs in Egypt and support for insurgents and terrorists in almost every single recent conflict. A pretext is needed by US “nation builders” for an all out invasion of Syria and Iran, will the CIA give them one or can be peace be brought about in the Middle East despite US efforts?

The Prime Minister of Iraq, Nouri al-Maliki, recently made a very astute, topical and insightful statement to the world’s press regarding the situation in Syria. As a man in the leadership of a country targeted, destroyed and haphazardly reconfigured by the nefarious Western geopolitical empire builders, sitting in their comfortable offices in Washington while safely wreaking death, destruction and havoc on poor weak countries across the globe, he is a man who surely must know what he is talking about when he talks about forces that could tear the Middle East completely apart.

The prime minister warned that if the Syrian insurgents, a grouping made up almost in its entirety of U.S and Western backed terrorists, mercenaries, criminals and killers, succeeds in ousting the elected President of Syria Bashar al-Assad, it will lead to more violence and instability not only in Syria, but it will spillover into the rest of the region.

He said if the U.S. backed insurgents, a motley mix of Al-Qaeda, Chechen, and every other color of terrorist wins, Syria will become a haven for extremists, a sectarian war will be sparked in Iraq, a civil war will start in Lebanon and divisions will be created in Jordan.

This is something that the nefarious Washington planners must also be aware of and perhaps are counting on. Washington itself has become even more bellicose than usual as of late, attempting to fabricate a Syrian chemical weapons story and trying to connect it to an invasion of Iran. The U.S. planners are clearly behind schedule on Syria and Iran and surely the pretexts for yet more aggressive invasions disguised as “interventions” will be coming one after the other in haste as summer begins. Washington’s Iranian uranium pretext has not panned out so well and President Bashar al-Assad has clearly shown more resiliency than Washington expected.

The statement by the prime minister is particularly topical with the recent news that the President of Afghanistan has been receiving millions upon millions of CIA dollars for the last decade, which explains a lot actually. Namely and most importantly for me this explains, President Karzai’s complacency when it comes to the constant, seemingly never ending stream of civilian casualties and the death and destruction wreaked on the innocent Afghan civilian population by the “Bush coalition of the willing”. It also explains why Karzai has allied himself with what are nothing more than aggressive invaders of his country. These were always question I pondered but the answer is now simple and clear, it appears, that he was simply bought-off by the CIA.

The New York Times reported that; “… money was delivered monthly by the CIA in suitcases, backpacks and plastic shopping bags and the sums were in the tens of millions of dollars”. Were such a revelation made of almost any other leader in the world, the outrage in the president’s country would be unbelievable. In almost any country the president receiving money from a foreign power’s spy agency, the CIA in this case, would be an outrageous act of treason.

Hamid Karzai has admitted that the accusations, which were revealed by members of his own administration, are true and has tried to say that the money was used for innocent and benign “humanitarian” issues and paying unspecified “rents”. No corruption or treason here, move along, nothing to see. Never mind the CIA was doing the money delivery. Normal. Move along.

The Iraqi PM stated that the violence of those wishing to replace President Bashar al-Assad will lead to more violence, this is completely logical and pragmatic reasoning and could be expanded on to reach the conclusion that a country rebuilt by corrupt officials will also spread more corruption. This black budget, or the new politer term “Ghost Money”, was paid to Karzai in secret by the CIA, not because it was for “humanitarian assistance” or “rent”, but because it was illegal and what in fact they were doing was buying favor.

How will American politicians, diplomats, State Department officials and the sanctimonious idiots at the CIA who allowed this to become known, now dictate to the world on corruption? Even more importantly for their own political necks, how will they be able to explain to poor over-taxed, over controlled American taxpayers and voters, why they are pouring millions upon millions into the pockets of a foreign leader in a country where they have already failed miserably and have burdened the next dozen or so generations of American taxpayer with a bill of over half a trillion dollars?

As of today, according to cost of war dot com, the war in Afghanistan has cost American taxpayers $624,885,950,261.00. This burden on Americans continues to grow as the government continues to close schools, cut social spending, continues to behave as if the basic human rights of housing, education and medical care are for the elites and continues to raise taxes. Now tell Americans the CIA was delivering millions of their tax dollars to the president of a country they invaded. Doubtful they will support that.

Expanding on the theme; the US always knows exactly how much the opium trade is making in Afghanistan, how many tons are produced etc, just as they claim to have information on and be able to determine who is corrupt. Now we know they are engaged in the very corruption they preach to the world about, clearly giving them a true position as experts on the matter. Perhaps they are also involved in the opium trade? After all that “business” has skyrocketed since they invaded Afghanistan, maybe I am reaching but it does raise questions. Of course this would be through the CIA, an “agency” which engages in some of the worst evils being carried out by humankind, and these are questions American tax payers and voters should be asking.

Why the CIA and the US need to control and pay off Karzai is clear, but what about the statements by the Iraqi PM? Why would the US want to bring about what could be the complete destruction of the entire Middle East, by continuing to fund insurgents in Syria, and the deaths of millions if all out war breaks out? The answer to US meddling and destabilization efforts in the Middle East is quiet simple and boils down to three main things: oil, Israel and money.

I have said this in the past many times: a country founded by genocidal killers and the worst elements of European society and based on that genocide and built by slaves, will never be able to truly carry out anything worthy of mankind, other than more death and destruction. The Iraqi PM’s statement, in all its honesty, if applied historically and with a 200-year-retrospect, could apply to the US as well.

Back to Karzai: the New York Times quotes Karzai as having said the money was "very useful, and we are grateful for it." Sure you are all those billions must have helped a lot in securing yourself a nice little life while the Afghan people are some of the poorest in the world. They also quote Khalil Roman, the deputy chief of staff for Karzai from 2002 until 2005, as saying the huge sums were "ghost money" that "came in secret, and it left in secret." The publication also quotes anonymous US officials as saying: "… the cash has fueled corruption and empowered warlords, undermining Washington's exit strategy from Afghanistan."

As I have said many times, the US needs conflict, it needs and feeds war, all over the world. This justifies its own global military expansion, and it has never ever, not for a minute, been truly concerned about human rights, democracy, rule of law, corruption, justice or peace. So should a country spreading so much war, death, suffering and corruption continue to be allowed to do? I think the answer to that is clear.

The US has shown itself to be the single largest threat to peace and regional stability on the entire planet Earth. It has started and been involved in more wars, aggressive invasions and has violated more international laws and conventions than any other country on the planet. Maybe it is time the world said no to the CIA and Washington’s geopolitical global architects, or perhaps they CIA might start delivering suitcases of dollars to poor and hungry kids around the world so they can build schools, pay for medical care, buy food and perhaps get a new toy? Doubt that will ever happen, no profit in helping humans!

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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