26 April 2013, 16:07

Background: Tragic accidents in hospitals and care homes around the world

сша дом престарелых старость рука болезнь смерть

Fires like the one, started on Friday night in Psychiatric Hospital near Moscow, frequently erupts in hospitals and care homes. Rescue operations are often hindered by patients' physical condition.

November 2012: A fire caused by a gas leak kills 14 people - including 13 disabled adults and a staff member - at a workshop in southwestern Germany.

October 2012: A fire in the geriatric section of a hospital in Tainan, Taiwan claims the lives of 12.

May 2012: Fourteen patients being treated in an addiction clinic in Lima die in a fire. The doors were locked and the windows barred.

December 2011: At least 93 die in a fire in a Calcutta hospital.

September 2009: A fire in a drug addiction clinic in Kazakhstan causes the deaths of at least 38 patients.

May 2009: A fire at a hospital in the Turkish city of Bursa claims the lives of eight patients in an intensive care unit. Many of those rescued, including newly born babies, suffer from smoke inhalation.

March 2007: A fire in a home for the aged in Russia's Krasnodar region causes the deaths of 62 largely bed-ridden men and women.

February 2007: Twenty-five mainly elderly and mentally handicapped people die in a conflagration at a care home in Alsunga in Latvia.

December 2006: Smoke inhalation causes the deaths of 46 women held in a Moscow clinic for addiction after a fire breaks out at night. The escape routes were closed off and the windows barred.

December 2005: A major fire in the central hospital In Liaoyuan in China claims the lives of at least 39 patients, many of whom die after jumping from windows. 

Voice of Russia, DPA

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