25 April 2013, 16:02

Putin confident in objectiveness of Navalny trial

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President Vladimir Putin has voiced confidence that the court hearings of the Kirovles case in which opposition activist Alexei Navalny is a suspect will be objective.

"People fighting against corruption should be absolutely pure themselves; otherwise all this looks like is political self-advertising. Everyone should be equal in the face of law. And nobody should have illusions that if someone shouts loudly "catch the thief", it does not mean that this someone is allowed to steal," Putin said during a hotline with the nation on Thursday.

"This does not mean that if a person holds views differing from those shared by the incumbent authorities, any pretext should be sought to drag him to court or then to jail," Putin said.

"I am sure that the handling of this [Navalny's] and other cases will be objective. By the way, I drew the attention of the Prosecutor General's Office and other law enforcement bodies to this - it should be objective to the utmost," Putin said.

Voice of Russia

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