24 April 2013, 19:39

US, French, Turkish officials collaborate with Syrian organ traffickers

почки почка рентген органы

A number of US, French and Turkish officials are collaborating with the terrorists in Syria in trafficking the body organs of the people killed or injured in clashes and bombings, medical sources and witnesses revealed on Wednesday.

Certain Turkish, French and US officials are involved in the trafficking of human organs, specially kidneys and livers, by the terrorist gangs, Syrian physicians were quoted as saying by al-Mayadin news channel.

Also, eye witnesses said that human trafficking gangs are active in Syria's Northern districts, adding that the body organs of not just dead, but also the injured people are excised and sent to Turkey.

Barakat Qares, a physician working in a Turkish hospital said that he has seen three Syrians who had come from Syria's Jasr al-Shaqour region for treatment in Turkey whose bodies were terribly infected since their kidneys were taken out of their bodies.

Earlier reports also said that the terrorists who kill the innocent people in Syria receive a large amount of money for any corpse and injured person whose body organs are trafficked out of the Arab country.

"Stealing body parts of the victims of conflicts and blasts is a job for terrorist groups in the city and they receive 10,000 Syrian lira for every corpse and 100,000 lira for the wounded people," witnesses said in an interview with Arabi Press earlier this month.

After the escalation of the conflicts in Aleppo's Sheikh Maqsoud district, reports said that the terrorists and armed groups stationed in the region rapidly collect the injured people and take them to clinical centers, but later it was revealed that they sell their body organs to traffickers.

Majd Hadouth, one of the residents of Sheikh Maqsoud district, confirmed the reports, and said the terrorists took the son of one of his neighbors after being injured in a conflict under the pretext of transferring him to a clinical center, but after two days his family found his corpse while the internal organs of his body were mutilated.

Similar reports revealed in October that the so-called Free Syrian Army is trafficking the body organs of Syrian civilians and army soldiers after kidnapping and murdering them.

The FSA rebels in Syria trade the body organs of the Syrian martyrs whom they abduct and kill. Then, they sell the stolen body organs to organ traffickers at expensive prices, Turkish newspaper Yurt wrote on October.

Voice of Russia, FARS

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