24 April 2013, 14:57

Syrian army gains the upper hand over rebels

Сирия армия Сирия сирийская армия солдат

“The situation in Syria is improving thanks to the steadfastness of the Syrian people and their cohesion around the army,” President of Syria Bashar al-Assad said at a meeting with the delegation from Lebanon.


What is implied by improvement? Syrian General Mohammed Isa has answered the question of the Voice of Russia in Damascus.


- Speaking about the recent events in Syria, it is necessary to mark two places on the map of the country: the outskirts of Damascus and the region of Homs on the border with Lebanon (for example, the area of al-Kseir). The Syrian government army is regaining control over these territories; the militants that were acting there have been destroyed. The strategic goal of the operation in the area of al-Kseir was blocking the way through which gunmen were penetrating into Syria from Lebanon and transporting weapons from there. Now the militants in the West of Syria will be isolated from the outside world and will not be able to receive outside support.

Several terrorist groups were also eliminated in the suburbs of Damascus. In addition, the troops continue to advance to the North in the vicinity of Aleppo to block the transport corridor through which the militants were supplied from Turkey.

In principle, the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic are able to attack any region of the country occupied by the militants and mop it up in just a few days. But strikes on the positions of the militants are carefully worked out so that the rebels do not escape. Otherwise, they will just migrate to another area and continue their attacks from there. In general, we can surely call the current actions of the Syrian army a full transition from defense tactics to offensive actions.

There is one more topic. Now the world media are talking about the preparation of a powerful attack on the part of the militants from the territory of Jordan. I am sure that any war against us will end with a defeat of the assailants.

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