24 April 2013, 15:26

Belgorod shooter to get open trial

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Belgorod, Russia
Belgorod, Russia

The man suspected of gunning down six people in the center of Russia’s Belgorod will receive an open trial, a court source has told reporters.

“The trial of Sergei Pomazun, who shot dead six people, will be public,” the source said. The murderer may face life imprisonment, if convicted.

‘I wasn't shooting at kids, I shot at hell’ – Belgorod shooter

Sergei Pomazun, the man suspected of massacring six people in downtown Belgorod, has confessed to having attacked the children, but said he didn’t want to kill them.

“I wasn’t shooting at kids, I shot at hell,” he told police and reporters.

The man claimed he had been fighting evil when he assaulted three people inside an arms and hunting equipment store and then shot at three passers-by outside the shop.

An interrogation is under way, investigators say, and Pomazun is currently confined in a solitary cell.

Belgorod shooting suspect refuses to testify

The suspected Belgorod shooter has refused to cooperate with investigation and give evidence on the Monday massacre that saw six people killed in the city on the Russian-Ukrainian border, the investigation Committee reports.

Sergei Pomazun was interrogated in the presence of his defense attorney. He refused to testify, citing a provision in the Russian constitution that allows a suspect not to serve as a witness against oneself.

Meanwhile, investigators are collecting evidence against the alleged murderer while police look for more weapons that the suspect allegedly stole from a Belgorod hunting store.

Sergei Pomazun charged with three counts

A man suspected of massacring six people in the Russian city of Belgorod 400km away from Moscow has been charged with three counts, an Investigation Committee official has told reporters.

Sergei Pomazun is accused of murder, as well as of stealing weapons and ammunition that a police raid found in a strongbox concealed in the suspect’s apartment.

On a separate count, the man has also been indicted of a violent gun store robbery after he allegedly stole arms from a Belgorod hunting shop.

Pomazun can also face a life in jail for attacking a police officer on his duty, although the charge hasn’t been officially lodged yet.

'Belgorod shooter' to undergo psychiatric examination

Investigators plan to send the so-called 'Belgorod shooter,' charged with killing six people, for psychiatric examination.

On Monday evening Sergei Pomazun, who is currently in pre-trial detention, opened fire inside a local arms store killing five people on the spot with the sixth victim, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, later dying in hospital.

Pomazun was detained Tuesday evening at the local train station, but not before he wounded a police officer with a knife.

Russian police detain 'Belgorod shooter'

The shooting suspect Sergey Pomazun was arrested as he tried to elude the manhunt, the Russian Interior Ministry has said.

"On Tuesday evening Sergey Pomazun tried to leave the cordoned area in a freight train, but was detained by the police," the ministry said.

Hundreds of police have been searching for the 'Belgorod shooter,' who went on a gun rampage in the Russian city of Belgorod on Monday, killing six people.

Families of people shot dead in Belgorod to receive 1 mln rubles each

The Belgorod administration will allocate one million rubles from the city budget to each family of those shot dead, the administration press office said in a statement. The city authorities will also pay for the funerals.

"At the request of victims' relatives, a central burial service and funeral will not be held," the statement said.

On April 22, a previously convicted local citizen opened fire in Belgorod.

"A Belgorod gunman" killed a total of six people - three in a gun shop and passers-by, a man and two school girls ages 14 and 16.

Five people died at the scene and the 16-year-old girl in a hospital.

'He went insane in jail' - Belgorod shooter's father

The father of the Belgorod's massacre suspect said that his son was behaving erratically in recent days, and had threatened to kill him. "He went nuts after 5 years in jail" Aleksandr Pomazun told Lifenews.

Sergei Pomazun is said to have led a chaotic lifestyle, and would often pay short visits to his parents to ask to borrow money.

Suspect in deadly shooting in Belgorod was unable to pass driving tests, but still drove his parents' car. He learned to handle firearms in the army and on rare hunting trips with his father.

"The suspect's father had previously called the police twice about the aggressive behavior of his son," an investigation spokesperson said.

"However, no punitive measures were undertaken by law enforcement, they are said to just come and leave asking to inform them in case of a violent action. We will investigate this information and hold those police officers responsible if it is confirmed."

Neighbors confirmed that Sergei was prone to antisocial behavior, saying he was frequently inexplicably aggressive against them.

In social media has appeared some speculation abot Sergei Pomazun's drug addiction. Some have suggested that Pomazun may have committed suicide in the woods, reports RT.

Rosbalt reported that the shooter has been isolated and placed under psychiatric control for a set period while imprisoned. The investigation, however, did not confirm that the shooter had been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.

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