23 April 2013, 21:36

Families of people shot dead in Belgorod to receive 1 mln rubles each

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The Belgorod administration will allocate one million rubles from the city budget to each family of those shot dead, the administration press office said in a statement. The city authorities will also pay for the funerals.

"At the request of victims' relatives, a central burial service and funeral will not be held," the statement said.

On April 22, a previously convicted local citizen opened fire in Belgorod.

"A Belgorod gunman" killed a total of six people - three in a gun shop and passers-by, a man and two school girls ages 14 and 16.

Five people died at the scene and the 16-year-old girl in a hospital.

'He went insane in jail' - Belgorod shooter's father

The father of the Belgorod's massacre suspect said that his son was behaving erratically in recent days, and had threatened to kill him. "He went nuts after 5 years in jail" Aleksandr Pomazun told Lifenews.

Sergei Pomazun is said to have led a chaotic lifestyle, and would often pay short visits to his parents to ask to borrow money.

Suspect in deadly shooting in Belgorod was unable to pass driving tests, but still drove his parents' car. He learned to handle firearms in the army and on rare hunting trips with his father.

"The suspect's father had previously called the police twice about the aggressive behavior of his son," an investigation spokesperson said.

"However, no punitive measures were undertaken by law enforcement, they are said to just come and leave asking to inform them in case of a violent action. We will investigate this information and hold those police officers responsible if it is confirmed."

Neighbors confirmed that Sergei was prone to antisocial behavior, saying he was frequently inexplicably aggressive against them.

In social media has appeared some speculation abot Sergei Pomazun's drug addiction. Some have suggested that Pomazun may have committed suicide in the woods, reports RT.

Rosbalt reported that the shooter has been isolated and placed under psychiatric control for a set period while imprisoned. The investigation, however, did not confirm that the shooter had been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder.

$100,000 bounty put on Belgorod shooter’s head

A reward of 3 million roubles (100,000 dollars) has been posted for any information about the killer who went on a shooting spree in Belgorod in the south of European Russia, the local department of the Russian Interior Ministry said. The search for the armed criminal who killed 6 people continues in Belgorod and the region.

The identity of the criminal has been established. His name is Sergei Pomazun, who has four previous convictions. On Monday afternoon he opened fire from his gun in the "Okhota" shop in the centre of the city. Then the killer went out onto the street and continued to shoot at passers-by. As a result, 6 people, including 2 underage girls, were killed.

The criminal managed to escape from the scene of the crime. The police discovered an abandoned car that was used by Sergei Pomazun. His relatives and also eye-witnesses of the tragedy were questioned, Senior Assistant Head of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation for the Belgorod Region Yelena Kozyreva said.

"The flat where the suspect lived was searched. The investigators discovered that the safe where the gun was kept was open. The car in which the suspect traveled was examined as well. No arms were found there."

The investigators say that he may have a gas gun, a semi-automatic rifle and 40 cartriges to it, and also a
hunting gun. Now the killer who is armed to the teeth is lying low somewhere. All law-enforcement fficers, including the local border guards and customs officers of the Belgorod Region, are currently involved in the operation to catch Sergei Pomazun.

Leads on the Belgorod killer have been sent to other regions and to neighbouring Ukraine. Besides, the reinforced police units are patrolling the streets around children’s educational establishments.

The people are actively cooperating with the police. Numerous calls are coming into the police stations via the trust line with the information about the whereabouts of men resembling the suspect. Regrettably, the criminal has not been found yet.

Meanwhile, the residents of Belgorod are carrying flowers and candles to the scene of crime. What occurred in Belgorod is an irreparable tragedy, and irretrievable losses have been sustained, the Governor of the Belgorod Region Yevgeny Savchenko said, addressing his compatriots.

"I want to offer my deep condolences to all those who lost their near-and-dear. We’ll take all possible measures to ease their sufferings. We have undertaken to foot all funeral expenses, and we’ll offer financial aid to all those who need it. I understand perfectly well though that the financial aid will not be able to compensate for the losses incurred to them."

April 23rd and April 24th have been declared days of mourning for the victims in Belgorod.

Belgorod shooting suspect’s location pegged

The wanted suspect in the Belgorod shooting spree is believed to have crossed over to Ukraine where he allegedly found a hideout in the Kharkov region, local TV has cited a police source as saying Tuesday.

Ukrainian police have been put on high alert after the reports that Sergei Pomazun, the suspected murderer of six, has been tracked down to Kharkov outskirts after allegedly having gunned down several people including a 14-year-old schoolgirl in the Russian city of Belgorod.

Ukrainian law-enforcement has joined the manhunt earlier today and is keeping in touch with their Russian colleagues, a police spokesman has told reporters.

Details on the potentially armed suspect have been circulated among police offices in Ukraine’s Kharkov, Lugansk and Sumy regions that are bordering on Russia.

Police presence has been visible on the Russian-Ukrainian border in the wake of the deadly shooting, with mobile patrol divisions monitoring the border stretch.

Last victim of Belgorod murders identified - police department

"The man who had fallen victim to the felony committed in the center of Belgorod on Monday was identified. He was a city resident, Igor Yuryevich Boldyrev, born in 1964," the department representative said.

He said the police are still searching for Sergei Pomazun who is suspected of shooting and killing six people. The manhunt continues in Belgorod and its suburbs.

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