18 April 2013, 04:18

Failure of U.S. war on terror and hyper security state: clueless on Boston

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The bombing at the Boston Marathon was a tragic event, which like the events of 9-11, caused, are causing and have caused, untold suffering and pain to innocent unsuspecting civilians, and my heart and I am sure the hearts of all normal, thinking people go out to the innocent people who were killed or had their lives torn apart. Condolences certainly go out to all of those affected by this, but in light of more than a decade of a U.S. war on terror, the tragedy would indicate a complete and utter failure in protecting the citizenry.

Even before the dust had settled the finger pointing began worldwide and the usual suspects were named: Al-Qaeda, Muslims, Tuareg sympathizers, terrorists of every persuasion and, according to one Russian media outlet citing CNN, a “dark-skinned” suspect. Of course it is a natural function, when an event like this occurs, after the initial shock and trauma recede, to feel anger and a desire for retribution, yet no one has really pointed the finger where it should be pointed because people are too afraid or too conditioned or both to actually face the truth that is right before their eyes.

Americans love to point to the perpetrators of their endless events of mass violence, child killings, mass shootings and now terrorism as being some sort of abomination and isolated single events or as being in some way “evil victimizing innocents” yet refuse, no matter how clear and in their faces the evidence is, that American society, their own government and they themselves and the culture they support are directly to blame.

Americans also love to play the label game and generalize, not everyone of course but it is a fact. If the perp in this case is dark-skinned all browns and dark-skinned people will be demonized, if he or she is Muslim, then all Muslims, if it turns out to be a white person then off course the generalization stops and it will of course be some “deranged” or sick individual. Regardless of the individual reasoning behind the planning of this act, the loss of innocent lives cannot be forgiven, and a whole group of people must not be demonized.

Unless of course it was members of the government or the black-ops community seeking to justify and heighten the entire “war on terror” paradigm, the further stripping of the freedoms and the rights of common Americans and the expansion of the all powerful security state to new levels beyond the Orwellian one that it has already attained.

The failure here is clear: the U.S. authorities and the U.S. government failed and they failed miserably. Despite the stripping away of civil liberties, personal freedoms, constitutional rights, freedom of speech and expression, freedom of movement, coupled with turning the United States into a militarized hyper security state, engaging in an endless global “war on terror”, decimating country after country, torturing, indefinitely detaining people without trial, committing crimes against humanity by aggressively invading sovereign nations, placing missile batteries all over the planet, installing puppet regimes all over the world, clamping down on protests, censoring communications and the media, stifling the internet and meddling in everything and anything they please, all in the name of “TERROR” and “making the American people safe”, they failed to prevent what should have been a preventable act of terrorism.

What is clear here and from statements by counter-terrorism experts and security officials both in the U.S. and the world over is that; no matter how much they monitor and spy on the activities of the people, no matter how many billions of Americans tax dollars they spend on surveillance, programs like Echelon, satellite monitoring, communication intercepts and every other form of security measure known to man, they are incapable of stopping a lone individual or small group operating autonomously and off the grid.

Have Americans been lied to then? You make that judgment. Sure they tell the American people they need Echelon, the CIA, the NSA, the DHS, fusion centers, tracking devices, RFID chips, drones, indefinite illegal detention, illegal torture prisons that provide no actionable reliable intelligence, satellites, gun control, pre-crime arrest, a stifling of freedom of speech and expression, militarized police armed to the teeth, control of every channel of communication, censorship of the media, complete control of the internet and a cowed and dumbed down population to keep “Americans” safe, but doesn’t this act in Boston prove that all of that is a lie?

Could it be the elites and the corporations who now own and control the U.S. Government have another agenda they are carrying out, one which includes total and complete control over the population? Or are we to continue to believe that they care about your safety? Why then did no one inspect the area under the bleachers where the parents of the victims of the Connecticut shootings were sitting and where there were reports that an unexploded bomb was found? Why were these bombs allowed to sit where they were unnoticed for hours, or perhaps days? Why didn’t the U.S. security apparatus think to conduct a sweep of the area before the marathon started, or did they and they were so inept they failed to notice what some reports say were 9 bombs?

Whilst doing all of the above and after over 12 years of the “War on Terror” the American people are supposed to accept that the FBI, CIA, DHS, etc. and the entire U.S. security establishment haven’t got a clue as to who carried this out. Americans are supposed to accept that despite the trillions spent on the war-on-terror-post 9-11-paradigm some individual with pressure cookers, radio-controlled model batteries and black duffel bags, outsmarted the entire U.S. security apparatus and pulled off a heinous act. To top it all off everyone is supposed to accept that the FBI and police are begging the public for assistance, because they are, in reality, clueless.

I wonder how Americans digest the fact that their president, who signs off on an illegal extra-judicial global assassination list every “Terror Tuesday”, authorizing precision surgical drone assassinations based on real-time and iron-clad intelligence, then appears on television after a terrorist attack takes place in his back yard and says things like, “We have no sense of motive in Boston Marathon bombing”, without suffering total brain meltdown.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon might call for questions to be raised as to whether the entire U.S. security and intelligence apparatus really cares one iota about the American people, and whether they exist only to advance and protect themselves and their elite corporate masters. But we won’t go there will we?

The latest news has been that a suspect was arrested and then was not arrested and the ineptness of the authorities continues to go unquestioned and the main point in all of this continues to be missed. That point being that the U.S. with all of its meddling, invasions, extra-judicial assassinations, wars, droning, bellicose rhetoric, sabre-rattling, military expansion, missile shields, internal crack downs, security measures and all the rest, has done absolutely nothing to curb anti-American sentiment, achieve peace, respect foreign cultures and sovereign nations, stop terrorists from being created both inside the U.S. and abroad and guarantee real security for the American people. Instead they continue to create more and more terrorists worldwide and internally, whether this is by design has yet to be seen.

No sense of motive they say? I could list thousands of motives why a terrorist might attack the United States of America, from the destruction of the Serbian people and their country, to North Korea, to the droning of small children in Pakistan, but we won’t go there either will we?

Meanwhile for the rest of the world it is business as usual as U.S. backed terrorists continue killing thousands in Syria, U.S. drone strikes continue massacring entire families and children in Afghanistan, North Korea continues to be pushed into a corner which might lead to nuclear war and yet the world is engaged in round-the-clock coverage of a terrorist attack which took three lives in New York. Not that those lives are not important but why aren’t the lives of poor innocent Afghan children given the same import?

The coverage will continue, as will the debate but on a closing note, I would like to add that unlike the waves of international support that flowed into the U.S. after 9-11, this time the international response seems much more muted, with many thinking people the world over seeming to possibly share the opinion that: “you reap what you sow”.

The views and opinions expressed above are my own. I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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