11 April 2013, 01:20

Louvre to reopen Thursday after staff strike

Франция Лувр музей Россия год России во Франции экспозиция

The Louvre, which was closed on Wednesday over protests of its staff, will reopen on Thursday.

About 200 employees of one of the world’s most visited museums went on strike over the spiraling number of pickpockets.

According to the staff, the latter have become a real scourge of the museum: their numbers are increasing, while their actions are brazen and aggressive. Many of these thieving gangs include children in their ranks.

"There have always been pickpockets at the Louvre and in tourist locations in Paris, but for the last year-and-a-half the gangs have become increasingly violent," said museum supervisor Sophie Aguirre.

After Louvre management vowed reinforced police units would be on site to maintain security in the vicinity of the museum, the staff agreed to resume their duties.

Voice of Russia, RIA

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