3 April 2013, 22:05

US autopsy report on Russian-born adopted child Maxim Kuzmin inconsistent - Moscow

Максим Кузьмин усыновление США смерть убийство дети
Maxim Kuzmin
Maxim Kuzmin

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has found several mismatches in the official medical statement about the cause of the death of Russian boy Maxim Kuzmin, whose adoptive mother in Texas is suspected of having injured him.

This is what the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Special Representative for Human Rights and Democracy Konstantin Dolgov says in his commentary that was published on Wednesday on the ministry’s website.

3-year-old Maxim Kuzmin died in hospital on January 21. The news about his death became widely known on February 18. On March 1, Texas’s authorities announced that the doctors who had examined his body found it unlikely that he died because of any violence applied to him. The official version says that the boy died because of a disruption in his bowels.

Mr. Dolgov writes in his commentary that he finds the official statement of Texas’s authorities about the case of the boy’s death rather dubious. This, he believes, gives grounds to doubt the legality of Texas’s authorities’ decision not to issue a lawsuit against Maxim’s adoptive parents Alan and Laura Shatto.

Maxim Kuzmin’s death ‘accidental’ - autopsy report

The death of the 3-year-old Russian-born orphan Maxim Kuzmin, who was discovered dead in a playground outside his Texas house in January, was the result of an accident.

At least so says a Texan autopsy report forwarded to Russia and also released to the media Monday.

The conclusion is that the boy suffered a heavy intestinal artery trauma caused by a collision with a ‘blunt object’.

Washington-based Russian diplomats stay in contact with Texas authorities and the US Department of State over the matter.

Moscow urges criminal investigation into adopted boy's death

Russia urges the U.S. to begin a criminal investigation into the death of the adopted Russian boy Maxim Kuzmin.

“American adoptive parents of the 3-year-old boy must be brought to court over Maxim’s death,” Russia’s children's rights ombudsman Pavel Astakhov said.

He voiced his indignation over the fact that the U.S. has not yet handed over all data concerning the investigation of the boy’s death to the Russian Investigative Committee, though some details were made available to the media.

Maxim Kuzmin died in Texas on January 21, 2013. The recently published autopsy results say that the boy’s death was accidental, and the bruises found on his body had resulted from self-injury as Maxim was not mentally stable.

Adopted Russian child suffered extensive bruising before death - autopsy report

The autopsy report of a three-year-old Russian boy adopted by a Texan couple concludes that the child had more than 30 bruises on his body as well as other signs that he was routinely injured.

The medical document released to the Odessa American suggests that the foster family, who have also adopted the victim’s brother, were struggling to provide proper care for Maksim Shatto but examiners believe that the injuries were due to self-injury stemming from a serious mental condition.

The medical examiner found abrasions, scrapes and bruises on the boy’s body.

Max’s adoptive father has said that the boy was constantly hitting his head at home and had serious behavioural issues.

The mother had previously told the authorities that Maksim used to claw himself, which she tried to prevent by cutting his nails short and having him wear gloves at night.

The boy, born Maksim Kuzmin, died January 21 after his adoptive mother Laura Shatto found him unresponsive outside their home in Gardendale, Texas.

Last week US prosecutors said that no charges would be made in the case due to lack of evidence.

Moscow has repeatedly blamed the adoptive couple for the death of the child based on abusive treatment. But the US authorities claim Maksim’s death was an accident.

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