1 April 2013, 16:01

Ghost of a praying nun in Palermo attracts hundreds of tourists and pilgrims (VIDEO)

палермо призрак монахиня колокольня италия
Screenshot of Palermo's ghost
Screenshot of Palermo's ghost

Hundreds of people and pilgrims gather every evening in front of the Santa Maria della Mercede church, in a neighborhood in Palermo, to see the mysterious appearance of what appears to be a ghost nun praying next to the bell tower.

The ghost seen in pictures is most likely an optical illusion, a play of light and shadow created by the encrusted wall, the beams of the tower and part of the bell.

The church and the ghost have their own mysterious story. In the neighboring area there are forgotten Catacombs of the Capuchin Sisters, built on top of an early Christian cemetery in 1732. The nuns used these catacombs for burials until 1865. The crypt and the early Christian cemetery still remain unexplored. The entrance to the catacombs has been walled up, hiding hundreds of buried nuns bodies forever.

 In 2012 a group of Chinese tourists captured on the camera the ghost of Princess Diana on the stained glass of a Scottish church. The footage was taken inside a church in Glasgow. They saw the image of Diana when they played their holiday video back when they got home.

The Princess Diana’s ghost might have appeared in the church as her mother spent a lot her life in Scotland, passing away there in 2004. According to a ghost specialist and paranormal writer Michael Cohen “ghosts often appear in places connected to their lives and families. Ghosts might appear to warn individuals, groups and even entire nations of possible impending danger.”

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