29 March 2013, 13:31

Putin opens the first All-Russia People’s Front conference

Владимир Путин конференция Общероссийский народный фронт ОНФ Ростов-на-Дону
Vladimir Putin at the All-Russia People’s Front conference
Vladimir Putin at the All-Russia People’s Front conference

President Vladimir Putin held a conference of his newly revived All-Russia People’s Front (ONF), urging its members to fulfill its “grand mission” and create a broad platform for discussion of the country’s most pressing issues.

“The ONF must gain the status of a public movement,” Putin told hundreds of members of the organization, which he created in May 2011. “We have worked out an intense, but realistic timetable for the modernization of the main aspects of our lives, and the main aspects of our economic development,” Putin said at the meeting.

During the conference Putin has admitted the possibility of adjusting the country's development plans and programs, but all changes should be made openly and enjoy social support.

"Life can and should prompt us to adjust our plans because life is more diverse and sophisticated than any plans made by people," he said. "But even if we decide to make any changes or adjustments, we ought to do so openly and very transparently to all people because only in this case they will be understood and accepted by society."

"Meetings like today's conference should become regular in order to help the Russian authorities implement all agreements reached during the last election campaign and announced in the president's articles and decrees," he said, adding that the congress could be held in June, “on the 11th or the 12th".

"In this case, none of the set priorities of our state's development will be forgotten, talked around or thrown in the basket despite the multiple problems and difficulties, including factors and uncertainties surrounding the global economy," Putin said.

Putin also suggested that juvenile justice should be analyzed considering negative experience of other countries. "We know well examples of interference in a family's life from the experience of neighboring countries. And we cannot let this happen. Our Constitution does not have such a jurisdiction as juvenile justice," Putin said. "And we have to analyze everything that is happening in this sphere in the countries where it functions before introducing it. We are well aware of officials' arbitrary actions which occur here and there in this sector," Putin said. "We cannot, must not and will not let the same happen here," he added.

Putin also asked the government to address social issues 'creatively'. “I think that all our goals are possible to achieve. I call on my colleagues from the government as well as regional and municipal governors not to approach social issues straightforwardly,” he said. The president warned officials from pretending that difficulties in social sphere can be settled on their own.

Speaking about corruption in Russia, Putin said that it “should be rooted out mercilessly at all levels”. Public servants will be required to declare the incomes and their sources.

The All-Russia People's Front conferences dedicated to discussing fundamental issues of Russia's development, which have been discussed in this or that way in Putin's pre-election pledges and have been the basis for Putin's first orders as president, Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov said.

The current All-Russia People's Front conference, dedicated to discussing and implementing Putin's pre-election pledge on building justice and social policy in Russia, will be held in two stages.

The conference involves 500 people, including heads of federal ministries and bodies, presidential envoys, heads of the All-Russia People's Front regional headquarters and experts and representatives of public organizations affiliated with the All-Russia People's Front. Most participants are not media personalities and are not members of any parties.

The conference is held at VertolExpo, a congress and exhibition center of one of the oldest Russian enterprises Rostvertol, in the Russian southern city Rostov-on-Don.

Vladimir Putin has also met with activists who served in his presidential campaign a year ago and promised to revive a Soviet-era award by the end of Friday. “In the Soviet Union, we had the “Hero of Socialist Labor’s title, and in my opinion, it was justified,” Putin said while meeting with the staffers of the People’s Front, who successfully campaigned for his re-election for a third term.

He said that the necessary orders would be in place by the end of the day to revive the title, which was scrapped almost two decades ago. The award, established under the rule of Josef Stalin, was widely used to praise civilian workers for their labor achievements and to boost output. The initiative to resurrect the title was voiced during a previous meeting of the People's Front with Putin in December.

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