29 March 2013, 15:12

Al-Qaeda offshoot rejoins Twitter, threatens to execute French hostages

Twitter твиттер

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the terrorists’ North African outlet, went on twitter yesterday, offering “glad tidings” to its supporters. 

“We send glad tidings to our Muslim Ummah in general and its sons from among the supporters of the mujahedeen in particular,” Al-Andalus Media Foundation tweeted.

It originally created a Twitter account on March 16, posting a message that read: “Will Muslims be silent about what is happening to their brothers in faith in terms of killing, imprisonment and displacement, or will they retaliate?”

After the site deleted the AQIM account, it rejoined Twitter on March 24, threatening to kill French hostages and pushing the government to stop its Mali campaign.

Al-Qaeda franchise is allegedly holding at least five French hostages. It said last week it had killed a sixth man, Philippe Verdon, although Paris has not confirmed his death.

“Will the French people succeed in convincing Hollande to preserve the lives of the hostages?” AQIM asked in a tweet that was also removed by moderators.

Voice of Russia, Huffington Post 

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