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The US Government sent an assassin for me - interview

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Stratfor e-mails released by WikiLeaks regarding 9-11, the Iraq invasion and other events include the name Mary Jo Pullen Hughes, who was being tried for telephone harassment due to the volume of her phone calls to high-level American officials. She has been battling for the truth to be told about Vietnam POWs and has been battling for their rights. Ms. Hughes claims her efforts delayed the invasion of Iraq, something that was pre-planned, by 7 months. The VOR’s John Robles decided to track her down and ask her about what she says is persecution for trying to get to the truth.  

Hello! This is John Robles, I’m speaking with Mary Jo Pullen Hughes. She was the subject of several Stratfor emails that were released by WikiLeaks and is a longtime whistleblower.

Robles: Hello Mary! How are you?

I’m doing just fine John, thank you for calling.

Robles: Thanks for agreeing to speak with me. I understand that the persecution of yourself by the US Government is continuing and it has gone to new levels as a whistleblower. Can you tell our listeners a little bit about your case and what is going on?

Hughes: Well, I had asked for years, starting as far back as 1988, to have the question of the late return of POWs looked into by my Government, when John Kerry, Senator John Kerry and Senator Bob Smith from New Hampshire were co-chairs at the POW\MIA Senate Select Committee.

In real time with Mr. Kerry now being the Secretary of State this implicates him in the highest of crimes when the truth wasn’t told about men brought home. I have documented this material now almost for 25 years.

Recently I was arrested in 2009 for telephone harassment. I filed a federal lawsuit in US District Court in Portland, Oregon. And as of last Friday the judge has determined that the defendants in the case were justified in arresting me and therefore the federal lawsuit is being dismissed.

The nightmare of this is that not only has the Legislative Branch of my government has been proven to be broken, but the Executive Branch now, with the inclusion of John Kerry and John Brennan, as CIA Director who worked for Buzzy Krongard and Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense who had access to this material pre-September 11, and that’s all outlined in this memo how the POW issue ties into September 11th, now proves that the Executive Branch of my Government is taken and broken and the Judicial Branch of my Government is totally broken now too.

Robles: Can you tell us about that connection between the POW issue and September 11 very quick?

Hughes: The POW question tie into September 11 is that after 13 years of my saying; “Please talk and tell”, including a time in Canada on a political asylum claim. Men with Black Operations/Covert Ops backgrounds in this country, silenced on behalf of the power elite, after 14 years, not addressing the question, went silence and allowed the attacks to happen.

And I will tell you John, in 1984, an active duty military man was sent to assassinate me in Denver, Colorado.

I recently tracked down his son who confirmed to me that the man, his father, is still alive and well. I know where to find the man who my Government said: “Come and kill her”. This isn’t funny when I personally dealt with a man who was tasked by somebody in my Government and was sent to assassinate me.

Initially in the 70s, I was married to someone who was onboard of fast attack nuclear submarine in the 70s, the USS Flying Fish out of Norfolk, Virginia, who had a TS SBI5 because he was a radioman, he had Crypto Access.

I did active duty service for just over four years, late 70s early 80s, working with F-15 pilots, fairly new to F-15 at Langley Air Force Base. And then I was at Nellis AFB.

I had a husband at the time who worked in Area 51 in the early 80s on the Stealth Fighter Project. And as a military wife I was down in Panama, during the Grenada invasion.

I’ve had special access not only personally, but through other people to a community of men who are Delta, Seal, Marine, Recon(ers),  etc who understand that policies and procedures, have misused and abused them for decades going back to Vietnam.


Robles: I know there are a lot of secret connections between the Air Force and 9-11. Can you tell us about anything you know?

Hughes: Silence was met with silence. What really bands everything I’ve just done a report on the WACs. I talked to Andrew Bacevich today, sent him everything that I have sent to you.

And one thing they keep getting wrong after 10 years today when they went into Iraq, is that there was a preemption that was stopped at end of August 2002.

I personally had put together the human intelligence work in Washington DC that they had a large constituency of our military in the country of Eritrea pre-emptively to go to strike against Iraq at the end of August 2002.

By going to the Belarus Embassy and sharing that information with the military attaché at Belarus and calling the French and Germans and telling the Iraqis. We were able, as a knowledgeable group of people, to make people leave Eritrea and come home. And it was seven months later before we went in.

Now that we have spent, as a nation, $2.2 trillion and about 200,000 dead. The real truth is: we need to know that this preemption was going and it was stopped.

No men know, but unfortunately a decade later we are still not telling the truth. Much like with the Gulf Tonkin. We’re not saying that it was faked until 35 years later. We can’t speak 35 year later to tell the truth.

Robles: You said you organized the HUMIT, the human intelligence. Can you give us a couple more details about that?

Hughes: By the time I put human intelligence together the Belarus Government, the French, Germans, Iraqis, other people were able to confirm that our military was in Eritrea. But I had put it together and then I share, I mean I have always been somebody who understands that this isn’t about Communism, Democracy, Republican, Democrat, Muslim, Jew or Christian. This is about: we’ve got to do better to stop this constant warfare.

It is like with Syria and North Korea. Yes, we cannot keep having people in positions with power and money destabilizing parts of the world where we’ve got the whole global community at high risk.

Robles: Can you tell us a little bit about what the US Government has done to you personally?

Hughes: I have two senators, one is on the Senate Intelligence Committee Ron Wyden who I have spoken with personally, asked his office for help, with Jeff Merkley and his office, who I’ve asked for help and talked to him.

And Earl Blumenauer as my congressman. I’m a registered Democrat. I have three congressional members who are Democrats and who will do nothing to speak with me or deal with me. I have been marginalized by my Government.

Now, when my Government works after they sent someone to assassinate me, then marginalize me by lying about a DNA provable mental illness, also now throw out a federal lawsuit and tell the world that it was terribly okay for people to come and arrest me for telephone harassment when I was simply going to Susan Rice our Ambassador to the UN, then Secretary of Defense Gates and Eric Holder to say, look, we have a problem.

 I deal with staff under them, I understand working in the chain of command from the bottom up. But then when you finally have to go to the persons themselves directly, I go to them because I know this is a serious business.

This isn’t about me, this is about all sorts of people at this point who have been hurt in this country, American Service Personnel who know the truth but can’t say it.

You were listening to an interview with Mary Jo Pullen Hughes. She is an American whistleblower. She is a former Air Force Officer and she was the subject of many Stratfor e-mails that were released by the WikiLeaks.

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