22 March 2013, 18:49

Knights Templar alive and kicking – in Estonia at least

Knights Templar alive and kicking – in Estonia at least

On Friday October 13, 1307, in a coup approved by the Holy See, King Philip IV of France disbanded the Knights Templar, accusing them of blasphemy, idolatry and sodomy. This week, however, in a development deserving the attention of American writer Dan Brown, it turned out that Commander-in-Chief of the Defence Forces of the Republic of Estonia Brigadier General Riho Terras is an active member of this medieval military order.

The Estonian authorities have confirmed the existence of a registered Christian organization of military officers calling itself Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani.

We have an opinion from head of Russia’s Historical Memory Foundation Dr Alexander Dyukov:

"By proclaiming himself a Knight Templar, General Terras actually confessed to possessing a grossly distorted vision of the modern world. It is very worrying that a person with this sort of mentality leads a legitimate military force, even a very small one". 

Editor-in-Chief of Russia’s Baltiyski Mir (or Baltic World) journal Dr Dmitry Kondrashov sees a post-Soviet trend:

"Games of this kind are becoming increasingly popular, and they often involve some of the rich and famous. In Russia, for instance, we have a lodge of the Military Order of Malta. The members hold meetings, elect Grandmasters and even put them up for public offices including the presidency. I have reasons to believe that organizations of this kind often collect intelligence for foreign secret services". 

Interestingly, the Oslo killer Anders Breivik claimed membership of the Knights Templar. He also disclosed to his police interrogators that he had visited Estonia.


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