22 March 2013, 20:47

Cyprus: 2 major banks urge Parliament to adopt former bill

кипр кризис банкомат деньги очередь население банк

Two major Cypriot Banks – the Bank of Cyprus and Laiki Bank urged the Cypriot Parliament Friday to adopt the earlier rejected bill on a tax on deposits, the local media report. Everybody, especially the 56 MPs, must understand that we can’t delay the adoption  of the EuroGroup’s proposal and that we must  introduce a tax on deposits over 100,000 euros in order to save our banking system, Chairman of the Board of Directors  of the Bank of Cyprus Andreas Artemis said.

He was supported by Takis Fidias, the head of another bank – Laiki Bank – which is Cyprus’ second largest bank. 

On Tuesday the Cypriot Parliament voted against the introduction of an unprecedented tax on bank deposits.

The law providing for the introduction of an one-time  tax  of 6.75 per cent on deposits below 100,000 euros and 9.9 per cent – on deposits  over 100,000 euros was the term for the allocation of financial aid  of 10 billion  euros to Cyprus by the  EuroGroup.     


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