15 March 2013, 12:35

Undivided love made Pope Francis a priest

Undivided love made Pope Francis a priest

Pope Francis’ childhood sweetheart claimed that he devoted his life to God after she refused to marry him when she was 12 years old. Moreover, he never wanted to be a priest.

Amalia Damonte, 77, said that when she was 12 years old, Jorge Bergoglio shoved a letter into her hand declaring his undying love. “He wrote me a letter telling me that one day he would like to marry me. He said that if I didn't say yes, he would have to become a priest. Luckily for him, I said no!”, the woman added.

Meanwhile, the new pontiff's sister, María Elena Bergoglio, said that he neither wanted to become the head of the Catholic Church nor to be pope and now he faces a lifetime of "infinite loneliness".

“He didn't want to be pope and when we chatted privately about it, we joked at the prospect and he would say 'no, please no',” she added. Although Miss Bergoglio admitted that “having a brother who is a pope is a blessing from God”. She also noted that her brother was pleased with his new role by his reaction on television. "The expression on his face spoke of a fullness of heart," she added.

Enthronement on the day of St Giuseppe

Pope Francis visited one of the major basilicas of the Eternal City, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore. Arriving at the temple early in the morning on Thursday, the newly elected Bishop of Rome immediately went to the chapel of the Paolini Basilica where the famous icon of the Salvation of the Roman people is located, one which is especially treasured by the residents of the Eternal City.

Meanwhile the Vatican is preparing for the enthronement of the new Pope.

Plans for the next few days in Rome and details about the upcoming ceremony were told to the Voice of Russia in an exclusive interview with Vatican expert Catherine Santoni-Sinitsyna.

The enthronement ceremony is scheduled for March 19. But in the remaining days no less important matters await Jorge Mario Bergoglio says Catherine Santoni-Sinitsyna: “I was in the press center of the Vatican, and spoke with their Press Secretary Father Federico Lombardi about the coming days. Tomorrow mass will be held in the Sistine Chapel for all of the cardinals who took part in the conclave. On Saturday at 11 am in the auditorium of Paul the 6th, Pope Francis will meet with social workers and journalists. Tuesday will be an unusual day. On March 19 the Feast of St. Giuseppe will be celebrated and on St. Peter's Square the first public mass will be held which will be followed by the enthronement.”

The ceremony will be held according to the customs of the 1970s of the last century during the time of Pope Paul the Reformer.

Pope Paul I, overturned the dogma that the Pope is God's representative on earth. Since the the Pope is the vicar of St. Peter, the first Pope.

At that point the coronation of the Pope and the donning of the papal tiara, was cancelled said Catherine Santoni-Sinitsyna. She added: “The modern enthronement will be held on St. Peter's Square. The first to go through this ceremony was Pope John Paul the 1st. How is it carried out? By the the placing of the pallium on the new Pope's shoulders as an expression of obedience to the Cardinals, the receiving of the Ring of the Fisherman. At the end of the enthronement the Pope must welcome all of the guests and delegations, which include government officials.”

Among those who will greet Pope Francis, will be a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church, headed by the Chairman of the Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion.

76-year-old Argentine Cardinal Archbishop of Buenos Aires Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected head of the Roman Catholic Church on Wednesday night. This followed a two-day conclave, in which there were five votes. Pope Francis succeeds Pope Benedict XVI who resigned. 

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