15 March 2013, 16:30

Early HIV treatment can cure 1 in 10

Early HIV treatment can cure 1 in 10

Rapid drug treatment after HIV infection can cure one in ten of those diagnosed at a very early stage, a French study has shown.

The study came after a US baby girl was reportedly cured of HIV she had contracted from her mother during birth.

French scientists analyzed 14 people who discovered early they were HIV positive while being tested for other diseases and started treatment within 10 days of being infected.

They stuck to a course of antiretroviral drugs for an average of three years, but then stopped. As a rule, HIV finds hideouts in immune system and bounces back when treatment is suspended.

This didn’t happen with the group in question. Some of them have been able to control HIV levels for decades.

Dr. Asier Saez-Cirion from the Institute Pasteur in Paris confirmed that 5-15% of patients may be “functionally cured” by attacking the virus early on, meaning they no longer needed drugs.

Voice of Russia, BBC

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