14 March 2013, 20:44

Medvedev for cooperation with Palestine

Medvedev for cooperation with Palestine

At a meeting between Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and President of the Palestine Autonomy Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow, Mr. Medvedev said that Russia will always support the efforts of Palestinian leaders to make Palestine a strong and modern state.

He added that Russia is ready to cooperate with Palestine to settle its conflict with Israel, as well as to cooperate with it in the economic and humanitarian spheres.

In his turn, Mr. Abbas said that Palestine’s cooperation with Russia would be much broader if Palestine becomes a sovereign state.

Earlier, Mahmoud Abbas met with President Putin.

Putin, Abbas satisfied with Russian-Palestinian relations

During his meeting with the President of the Palestinian autonomy Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin said that he hopes for a successful settlement of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Mr. Putin said that Russia will do everything that may depend on it to stabilize the situation in the Middle East.

In his turn, Mahmoud Abbas praised the current level of Russian-Palestinian relations and said that there is every reason to believe in further progress in these relations.

The Russian President noted that Russia and Palestine have long-standing traditions of good relations.

Palestine expects to start peace talks with Israel in 2013 - Abbas

Palestine expects to start peace talks with Israel this year to reach a political settlement through the establishment of two states, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said.

"We hope that substantive peace talks with Israel will begin this year. While these hopes are perhaps not very great, nevertheless, we expect sooner or later to achieve a political settlement based on the principle of the establishment of two states," Abbas said at a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin outside Moscow on Thursday. 


Palestine is proud of its relations with Russia - Abbas

Palestine is proud of its relations with Russia and hopes to further develop them, chief of the Palestinian National Authority Mahmoud Abbas said in an interview upon his arrival in Moscow on Thursday.

He said he hoped for a “frank talk” with President Vladimir Putin about the political situation in the Middle East.

"Historically, Russia has always supported and maintained warm relations with Palestine, always defending the interests of Palestinians,” Abbas said.

Palestinian leader arrives in Moscow

Russia’s overall aid to the Palestinian people has reached $30mln, the Kremlin reported ahead of talks between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas who arrived in Moscow on Wednesday.

The Kremlin mentioned the Russian Emergency Ministry plane that delivered humanitarian aid for the residents of the Gaza Strip in December last year.

The Kremlin press-service reports that this year Russia is planning to pay a contribution of 2mln to the budget of the UN Middle East Agency for helping Palestinian refugees and organizing work.

Abbas’s current visit is the first after Palestine was granted the status of a UN observer-state on the 29th of November 2012.

During the talks between Putin and Abbas on Thursday the two leaders will discuss a wide range is issues, including the revival of Palestinian-Israeli talks.

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