13 March 2013, 18:22

US says Syria will use chemical weapons again and again

US says Syria will use chemical weapons again and again

The US has made the accusation that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is planning to use chemical weapons on his own people, something that experts, Syria watchers and the Government of Syria itself claim is a ludicrous accusation being promoted by the West to justify the forceful removal of the country’s elected leader. The chemical weapons lie has been used before, most notably in Iraq, but the West continues to use the same old playbook. Will the world listen again? Probably not.

The United States of America has once again accused the Syrian Government of Bashar al Assad of being prepared to launch chemical weapons attacks on the Syrian people, which of course if true would then give the US and its allies the reason it needs to carry out yet another “humanitarian invasion” of yet another sovereign country, to remove yet another elected leader who the US can not manipulate and just simply, “Does not like.”

Claims such as these have been attempted in the recent past with regards to Syria but the world’s public has not bought them or rallied behind the US and its allies in an invasion scenario to forcibly remove the elected Syrian leader as had been hoped by the US Government.

The chemical weapons claim to justify an invasion by the US was first shown to have been falsely made in the run up to the Iraq war, when the American and the World populace were lied to and deceived by US officials including the Minister of Defense Colin Powell and the then Director of Central Intelligence Tenet, on that issue and many other including Uranium yellowcake and the famous 4 minute Weapons of Mass Destruction, that posed an imminent threat to the world and the United States.

At that point in history the world was still naïve enough and believed the United States enough to believe whatever they were told. Things have changed and the world’s population has grown wiser.

After it was seen that the entire war against Iraq, an illegal act of aggressive war and an unprovoked invasion on a sovereign nation staged to remove the leader Saddam Hussein from power, was based on lies, with every claim made by the US Government proven one after the other to have been completely fabricated, the world began to question the motives and actions of the US.

This questioning by intelligent independent and free thinking people the world over has continued as we have seen crime after crime committed by the United States of America in their endless global War on Terror. A war which was properly named but has proven that it is not a battle against the methodology of terrorism and those who employ such methods, but a war which has time and again attempted to use terror itself to pacify the US and the Earth’s population into allowing the US to continue what in reality is a global war of domination with the end goal of obtaining complete and total control of the world, and more importantly the planet’s resources.

We have continued to see with: Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Libya, the Middle East, the Arctic, the drone assassination program, secret indefinite arrests, the war against whistle blowers, the clamping down on press freedoms, the global expansion of NATO, the attempts to control the world’s resources, financial manipulations, US meddling in countries all over the world, the stifling of dissent, the escalation of the police state, the deaths of foreign leaders, the attempts at starting color revolutions (in Russia in order to remove President Putin from power), the surrounding of Russia and China with American missiles, the military takeover of Africa and expansion into Asia and more, a country that is bent on world domination at any cost and has already successfully achieved much that goal.

We have seen and the US has itself proven that they will say and do absolutely anything imaginable to bring about the fulfillment of their goals. The US goal in Syria has been repeated time and time again to be the forceful removal from power of the country’s elected leader Bashar al-Assad. The US has done everything to bring that goal about, from funding, arming and importing Al-Qaeda terrorists to arming and training the small number of Syrian extremist armed insurgents.

Due to the wide support within Syria of the country’s beleaguered president the West’s efforts have been for the most part unsuccessful, with even the direct violation by Israel of launching a missile attack deep into Syria not provoking the reaction that the West was seeking. Bashar al- Assad was too smart to react then, as he should have, and he is too smart and reasonable to do anything even remotely close to using chemical weapons on his own people.

Even if Assad had the desire or the intention to commit such a heinous act he knows that it would be suicide and it would give the West and the US the perfect pretext they are seeking to launch an invasion of Syria to remove and kill Assad and to allow them to control the country’s resources.

No matter the propaganda by the West the record has shown that the majority of the Syrian people support Assad, that Assad would never even think of using chemical weapons and that what is failing in Syria is the US aggressive attempt at regime change.

One has to look at the motivations of the messenger when ascertaining the truth of the message, and in this case the message by the West of supposed chemical weapons use by Assad has to be taken for the lie that it is.

The views and opinion expressed here are my own, I can be reached at robles@ruvr.ru.

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