9 March 2013, 16:45

Global warming:benefits or problems?

Global warming:benefits or problems?

Global warming could change the look of our planet beyond recognition. Will humanity benefit from it? Or will it face new problems?

Even though climate change can be attributed to human activity which ‘heats’ the atmosphere through an increase in production and construction, the main reason lies in the planet’s cooling and warming cycles. Alexei Kokorin runs the WWF’s climate program.

"Climate change follows oceanic cycles with a period of 60-70 years. The next two decades won’t necessarily be warmer – they could be colder. But the decades after could be much warmer. This change in temperature is a wave-like process."

Weather forecasts for the next few years are more than disappointing: anomalies in the form of frosts, droughts, typhoons and floods will persist and will even become more frequent. The climate is out of balance. Vladimir Berdin of the International Center for Sustainable Energy Development, comments.

"As for Russia, a number of industries will benefit from climate change. The shipping period in the Northern Sea Route will become longer, while the vegetative phase of plant development will increase, which will certainly become an advantage for the agriculture sector. And since heating seasons will shorten, the amount of burn fuel will be reduced considerably."

The climate will become milder in the North. Experts say trees from southern latitudes planted in the tundra, survive. Alexei Kokorin of the WWF warns, however, that the warming spell is fraught with many problems.

"Besides a rise in temperature, global warming spells a rise in sea level. This could pose a threat to Asia’s coastal cities and small island nations, such as the Maldives."

If winter in Russia and Canada becomes warmer, in 100-200 years the northern sea routes along the Russian and Canadian coasts will become navigable.

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