7 March 2013, 14:41

What do Russian women want on the 8th of March?

What do Russian women want on the 8th of March?

Moscow men will spend 20bln roubles, or about $550mln, on gifts for women on the 8th of March. The MAR Consult company polled men living in Moscow ahead of International Women’s Day. At the same time, sociologists discovered that men and women could have different ideas about the perfect gift.

Men in the age bracket between 36 and 45 proved to be the most well-to-do Muscovites. They are planning to spend the largest sum, almost 6,000 roubles, on gifts. Sociologists believe that this is because of a large number of recipients – wife, children, mother, other relatives and colleagues.

What will men buy with that money? Most of them do not seek interesting solutions. They intend to give their women a standard set of flowers, chocolates and perfumes, Investigations Director of the MAR Consult Alexander Kafu told The Voice of Russia.

“The range of gifts is very wide and depends on the degree of kinship. Wives get the ‘weightiest’ gifts, such as jewellery or electronic gadgets. This especially concerns young people aged 18-25. Mothers are usually given kitchen utencils. Strange as it may seem, girlfriends most often receive flowers and chocolates.”

Naturally, flower dealers are rubbing their hands with pleasure in anticipation of high incomes in March. The Moscow Trade Department reports that wholesale prices for flowers increase by 50-60% ahead of International Women’s Day. Men will spend about half of the 20mln roubles on this indispensable festive article and men are not at all disturbed by this, Director of the analytical department of the Alpari company Alexander Razuvayev says.

“If we look at the average price of gifts it is comparable with that of Christmas gifts in West Europe where the 8th of March is not marked. This testifies that the level of incomes and expenses is the same as in Europe. We can see that Russia is not the poorest country.”

Sociologists from the Romir centre also worked hard ahead of the 8th of March. They wondered what kind of gifts women preferred and what men were preparing for them. Preferences tallied in one point – flowers. 40% of women are dreaming about a beautiful bouquet. Next, in descending order, follow jewellery, cosmetics, money, mobile phones, clothes, lingerie and chocolates. With men, cosmetics and chocolates top the list.

The anti-rating of gifts can be considered sociologists’ main achievement. Heads up, men! Women are annoyed when given kitchen utencils or office stationery. Women also find it ridiculous to be given strange flowers or flowers wrong for the occasion, such as immortelles, mimosas, carnations or cactuses. A card, even self-made, is not a very good gift either. And, dear men, never give women socks or tights. They will buy them themselves.

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