5 March 2013, 15:25

Foreign actors must be removed from Syrian equation

Foreign actors must be removed from Syrian equation

With the internal Syrian conflict being fueled from the outside by U.S. backed terrorists and insurgents appearing to escalate, perhaps it is time for the international community to take measures to stop U.S. meddling in foreign countries and, once and for all, respect the sovereignty of foreign nations. Wishful thinking? Perhaps. Necessary? Absolutely.

The danger of the internal Syria conflict, which is being fueled from the outside, spreading to include other regional actors is growing and is threatening to plunge the entire Middle East region, already in chaos, into a state of all out war.

With the continued meddling of the West and the United States in other countries in the region the threat of the conflict spreading to a global scale seems like more of a possibility with each passing day.

The irresponsibility of the West in continuing to insist on installing its own regime in the country has already reached the level of criminality on an international level.

The most egregious crime in this case being the arming, funding, recruiting, importation and support of terrorist groups and elements into the country, something which is only continuing and propagating the bloodshed and the misery of the Syrian people.

It is obvious to anyone who has seen reports from within Syria and who has had any contact with the Syrian people, that the conflict in the country is not an internally fueled one and that there is no popular and widespread support amongst the Syrian people for the ousting of their elected president Bashar Al-Assad. It is already academic that had there been popular support among the Syrian people, President Assad would have been gone long ago.

Since the beginning of the conflict there have been undisputed and verified reports of the U.S., the West, regional allies and Israel, colluding with every sort of terrorist or mercenary organization, including Al-Qaeda, to bring about the ouster of President Assad and the government of Syria, one of the most secular in the Middle East.

This outside interference has in no way “helped” the Syrian people, including the intelligent and peace loving members of the opposition who have been willing to enter into dialogue with President Assad and the elected leaders in the country.

What it has done is help the most extreme and violent criminal elements in the country, who support the West’s position of no dialogue with President Assad and who steadfastly and stubbornly insistent that Assad be forcibly removed from office. The accent here should be on “forcibly”.

President Assad and his supporters have said themselves that they would step down if it would bring peace to the country and if a peaceful transition could be made, but the U.S. and the West have blindly insisted that he must be forced from power, scoffing at and ignoring every attempt at intelligent dialogue and at bringing about a peaceful resolution to the internal conflict. This includes attempts not only by Assad himself but by international mediators, including by the Russian Federation as well as reasonable opposition powers who have announced they are ready to sit down at the negotiating table.

The western media is also at fault and effectively in disservice to the Syrian people. Watching the western media coverage and their spin of the events in Syria is an exercise in futility and an almost useless unless one is simply gathering certain facts amidst an almost complete blackout of any news of Syrian origin.

The western media report on attack after attack, on terrorist act after terrorist act, yet take no issue with the fact (and yes this is a fact) that the U.S. is actively working with and supporting Al-Qaeda, terrorists of all colors, mercenaries and every kind of killer under the sun to bring about its goal. Again I underline: the goal of the “U.S.”, not the Syrian people and not even regional actors, unless of course you take into account violent, extremist U.S. allies, fanatical Shiites and even Israel.

A recent report by the BBC regarding the spreading of the conflict to the borders of Syria attempts to detail the international character of the conflict, as have many reports before, and goes into some of the international players and terrorist groups operating in Syria but takes no issue with the reality that they are being imported by the West itself. The BBC also tries to infer that Kurdish supporters of Assad are connected with the PKK without offering evidence of any such connection.

They report that the terrorist organization FSA (Free Syrian Army) is being assisted by Chechen, Ingush and Kurdish terrorists and the Islamic terroritst groups: Ghuraba al-Sham, Ahrar al-Sham, the al-Nusra front and Al-Qaeda.

According to the BBC, hundreds of other sources, witness statements and the accounts of people on the ground in Syria, these groups are actively attempting to recruit anyone they can to join them, again, if this were a popular uprising that would not be needed.

RT reports that Iraq is attempting the assist Syria, the only independent non-U.S. aligned country in the entire region other than Iran, and has shelled FSA positions near the border and even moved in Iraqi regular forces to regain a strategic border crossing that had been “seized by the insurgency”.

In an interview with the Associated Press, RT reports, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki gave one of his most serious warnings to date, stating that a Syrian rebel victory could spark sectarian violence in his own country and the whole region. “Neither the opposition nor the regime can finish each other off. If the opposition is victorious, there will be a civil war in Lebanon, divisions in Jordan and a sectarian war in Iraq.”

Such a statement coming from Iraq, a country recently invaded and decimated by the U.S. along with Afghanistan, and the fact that Iraq is assisting Syria further underlines the complete and utter failure of U.S. policy and meddling in the region and on a broader scale the entire “War on Terror”.

The New York Times has just reported that the new U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is following lockstep in recently departed Hillary Clinton’s footsteps and demonizing Russia and supporting the insurgents in Syria. They report that officials have said: “The United States has also been training a select cadre of Syrian rebels in Jordan under a covert program run by the C.I.A.”

With Israel’s entering into the mix with the launching of an airstrike deep into Syrian territory, an attack which killed a top Iranian General, the West has shown to what extremes it will go to bring about regime change in countries that are not its allies, are not aligned with it and pursue an independent stance.

The amount of meddling even brings into question the origins of the conflict to begin with. But we know this and thousands of experts and reports bear this out; the West is operating according to a plan. A plan which was brought into play using the “events of 9-11” as a catalyst and which includes regime change and military domination of every country in the world not pliable to U.S. interests. In keeping with the plan, Syria must go, then Iran, then China and then Russia.

The international community must stand up to the U.S. and end this meddling and military takeover of the planet by the West and the first step would be in no longer allowing the U.S. to support insurgents and terrorists in Syria to overthrow the elected president.

The West must not be allowed to continue to fuel the war in Syria and must in fact be removed from the theater and it is the United Nations and perhaps their peacekeepers, who should be called into Syria, if of course a conflict remains once foreign actors are removed. Unfortunately the West continues to do what it pleases and for the time being, we are at their mercy.

The views and opinions expressed here are my own. I can be reached robles@ruvr.ru.

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