3 March 2013, 06:41

Syrian President Bashar Assad accuses Britain, US of supporting terrorism (VIDEO)

Syrian President Bashar Assad accuses Britain, US of supporting terrorism (VIDEO)

Syria's President has accused Britain and the US of supporting terrorism by aiding rebels fighting his regime. The British government is “shallow and immature” and has for centuries played an “unconstructive” role in the Middle East, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said in an interview with the Sunday Times.

In the interview Mr Assad said: "How can we expect to ask Britain to play a role when it is determined to militarise the problem?

"How can you ask them to play a role in making the situation better, more stable? How can we expect them to make the violence less while they want to send military supply to the terrorists and don't try to ease the dialogue between the Syrian(s)."

"There's no contact between Syria and Britain for a long time.

"You cannot separate the role from the credibility, and you cannot separate the credibility from the history of that country.

"To be frank, Britain has played famously in our region (an) unconstructive role in different issues, for decades, some say for centuries."

He added: "I think they are working against us, and they are working against the interests of the UK itself.

"This Government is acting in a naïve, confused, and unrealistic manner. If they want to play a role they have to change this, they have to act in a more reasonable and responsible way."

The Syrian President's intervention came after John Kerry, the newly appointed US Secretary of State, said the US was looking at ways to "accelerate political transition" in Syria.

Speaking on his first overseas tour in his new role, he added: "The opposition needs more help. We think it's very important that more of our assistance gets to areas that have been liberated from the regime."

Britain will never help in resolving the Syrian conflict, as its policies for many centuries in the Middle East are unconstructive announced Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian president, in an interview with the Sunday Times criticized the British government's position on Syria, calling its actions "naive, erratic and inconsistent with reality" as well as “shallow and immature”

"We do not expect an arsonist to be a firefighter.", - concluded the Syrian president.

Earlier this week, the Syrian government expressed its willingness to hold talks with the armed opposition. Despite this, the leader of the Syrian fighters Selim Idris said that the talks will not start until Assad will leave his post, and the leadership of the army and the security forces of the country face a court.

Syria has been locked in an increasingly bloody civil war since demonstrations broke out against President Assad in March 2011. According to UN estimates, at least 70,000 people have been killed in the conflict.


Al-Assad prepared for talks with rebels

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has declared his readiness for starting talks with the rebels if they lay down arms.

In his interview with The Sunday Times reported by the SANA information agency al-Assad also said that Syria with its 23mln people did not need foreign armed forces to defend its sovereignty.

He dismissed the rumours about Hezbollah militants and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps taking part in military operations on the side of the ruling regime in Syria.

Al-Assad said that the government has made two decisions: one about starting a dialogue with everyone who wants to find a peaceful solution to the crisis and the other about continuing the struggle with terrorism.

In his interview published by The Sunday Times President Bashar al-Assad declared that his surrender of power would not bring an end to the Syrian conflict.

As an example, he remembered the situations in Libya, Yemen and Egypt where the departure of the previous leaders did not provide internal stability.

Al-Assad confirmed his readiness to start talks with the rebels if they laid down arms.

He refused to involve any foreign armed forces to defend Syria’s sovereignty. Al-Assad dismissed rumours about Lebanese Hezbollah or the Iranian Islamic Revolution Guard Corps taking part in military operations on the side of the Syrian ruling regime.

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