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Russians rally for rights of children

Russians rally for rights of children

About 20,000 people marched through Moscow on Saturday, protesting against mistreatment of Russian children by US adoptive parents.

The cause for this rally was the sad story of Russian boy Maxim Kuzmin, who, together with his brother Kirill, has been adopted by a US couple. Recently, Maxim, who was only 3 years old, died. The US authorities claim that he had non-deliberately cut himself to death with something. However, some people suspect that in reality, Maxim was killed by his adoptive parents.

The rally’s participants insisted that Maxim’s brother Kirill should be returned to Russia and that the right of any foreigners to adopt Russian children should be suspended.

Photos of several Russian children, who have been killed by their US adoptive parents or died because of the adoptive parents’ negligence, hung in the place where the rally was held. The rally’s participants were wearing ribbons with the words “Kirill, we are with you!” on their sleeves, meaning Kirill, the surviving brother of Maxim Kuzmin.

“Russia is quite capable of caring for its children itself!”, Russian MP Alexander Karelin, who took part in the rally, is convinced. In his speech at the rally, he called on Russians to do everything they can for children to live peacefully and happily in Russia.

Another participant in the rally, Sergey Baburin, who is the head of the party “Russian Nationwide Union”, praised Russia’s authorities for their efforts to encourage people to marry and to have children.

“The main slogan of today should be “Russians should have more children!”, Mr. Baburin says. “It is, first of all, family traditions on which the Russian civilization is based. I am glad that the current authorities of Russia are paying much attention to family problems. Our party, in its turn, will do everything that may depend on it to support family values. This is why my party comrades and I came to this rally.”

Young man Artyom Senatorov says:

“I don’t have children yet, but I want to have them very much. My parents have always tenderly cared for me. Now, they are both retired. They want me to have children, and I want this myself.”

“The story of Maxim Kuzmin touched me to the bottom of my soul,” Artyom says. “Children should be happy. If, for the sake of children’s happiness, some international laws have to be toughened, I am for this toughening.”

The rally ended with a song and a speech by singer Diana Gurtskaya. Diana, who was born blind, is one of the initiators of a fund that helps blind and poor-sighted children.

“Russians have always loved children,” Diana Gurtskaya said. “Let this love never cease!”

Representatives of the 4 parties that are represented in the Russian parliament, 15 parties not represented in the parliament and more than 100 public organizations took part in this rally.

The rally’s participants collected 14,000 signatures for Kirill Kuzmin’s return to Russia. These signatures will be handed over to Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.


US reveals causes of adopted boy's death

Natalya Kovalenko

The Texas authorities have published a report saying that an adopted Russian boy whose death has evoked a lot of international attention of late died as a result of an accident.

American experts who performed the autopsy have concluded that the boy – Maxim Kuzmin - died of self-inflicted injuries. In a word, he died an accidental death. A statement to this effect was made by District Attorney Bobby Bland.

"Medical experts determined that the death was caused by a laceration of a small bowel artery in the abdominal area. The trauma was consistent with a self-inflicted injury. Once all evidence concerning the case is gathered, it will be handed over to investigating agencies."

US experts did not elaborate on how a three-year-old boy could have damaged himself in such a way. Russian experts were denied participation in the US inquiry and were not provided with any details regarding the results of the medical examination. The impression is that Americans are trying to keep mum on something, Anvar Makhmutov of the parliamentary Committee for International Relations says.

"The US attempts to withhold information regarding the circumstances of Maxim Kuzmin’s death make us think that the investigation is biased. Russian experts have been access to the details of the case. If the US were open about it, it wouldn’t have kept anything secret."

The official conclusion regarding the causes of Maxim Kuzmin’s death makes no mention of the bruises on his body, including in the lower belly, and the psychotropic drugs his foster parents gave him in large doses. Traces of bruises and psychotropic drugs were reported by law enforcers who were notified of the boy’s death and the lawyer to the Shatto family.

The Texas authorities say they have no grounds to open a criminal case against the boy’s adoptive parents. The Shatto spouses could thus face charges only in connection with neglect of their parental duties.

Russia’s children’s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov has urged the Russian authorities to secure justice so that those responsible for the boy’s death would not go unpunished.


US asked to disclose forensics of Russian orphan’s death

Russia’s National Investigation Committee has asked the United States to supply it with the forensic details of the American probe into the death of the Russian-born orphan Maxim Kuzmin, who was discovered dead in the yard of his Texas house on January 21st .

American investigators have concluded that the boy’s death was the result of an accident which included a self-inflicted trauma.

Russia is conducting a separate probe into this tragic incident.

Russia says concerned over US report adopted boy died accidentally

Russia's foreign ministry expressed concern Saturday over a US coroner's report that said an adopted Russian boy died accidentally, clearing his US parents of wrongdoing.

"Moscow with concern reviewed reports that according to the official version... Maxim Kuzmin's death was caused by" a lacerated artery in his bowel, the ministry said in a statement.

It added that it considered the results of the three-year-old's autopsy to be incomplete and demanded that US officials provide Russia with the necessary documents to help shed the light on the case including the boy's death certificate.

Maksim Kuzmin’s death is an accident - US officials

The death of a 3-year-old Russian boy adopted by US parents from Texas has been ruled an accident by pathologists, despite Moscow's allegations of child abuse. Authorities haven't ruled out charges in the ongoing investigation.

The Ector County of Texas medical examiner concluded that the January 21 death of Max Shatto, born Maksim Kuzmin, was not intentional, Sheriff Mark Donaldson and District Attorney Bobby Bland said on Friday.

Preliminary autopsy results showed that the toddler had self-inflicted bruises on parts of his body. No drugs have been found in the child’s system. The cause of death was a ruptured mesentery in the small intestine.

The probe into the death continues, Bland stressed, with the possibility to pursue charges such as negligent supervision or injury to a child by omission.

At the time of the tragedy, Russia's authorities suggested ”inhuman treatment” by the parents as the likely cause of the 3-year-old boy's death.

Russian Foreign Ministry official Konstantin Dolgov said in a statement that the boy's death was “yet another case of inhuman treatment of a Russian child adopted by American parents.”

Russian Mothers do not trust US probe into Maxim Kuzmin death

The Russian Mothers international public movement is mistrustful of the conclusions drawn by US experts concerning the death of a Russian boy, Maxim Kuzmin, adopted in the United States.

This came in a statement by the movement head, Irina Bergset. According to her, the official statement, made public in Texas on Friday, whereby the three-year old Maxim lethally injured himself by accident, seeks to defend his foster parents, US citizens.

Bergset urged the Russian authorities to continue seeking punishment for Maxim’s foster parents who are responsible for the boy’s death under any circumstances.

The Russian Children’s Ombudsman, Pavel Astakhov, has also questioned the veracity of the US official version.

He said Moscow should request that the United States provide all of Maxim Kuzmin death records.

The boy died on January 21st, shortly after he was taken to hospital.

His foster parents claim that he fainted when playing with his brother on a playground near their home.

Russia should request Maxim Kuzmin death records - Astakhov

The Russian authorities should request the Maxim Kuzmin death records, says the Russian children’s ombudsman Pavel Astakhov.

The three-year old Maxim was adopted by a US family from a Russian orphanage and died in January this year under strange circumstances, he had clearly fallen victim to big-time politics, Astakhov has written on his Tweeter microblog.

Earlier, he quoted a staff-member of the Ector County Sheriff Department, Texas, who said that what happened does not look like a natural death.

According to that man, the coroners had found multiple head and leg injuries, as well as visceral and abdominal cavity injuries that killed the boy.

Earlier today, the Texas authorities made public the official cause of Maxim Kuzmin death, namely an accident, insisting that it was the boy who had presumably inflicted a lethal wound on himself.

Maxim died on January 21st, shortly after he’d been taken to hospital.

His foster parents claim that he fainted when playing with his brother on a playground near their home.

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